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统计了目前第一和通讯作者论文所发表的期刊,如下;随着科研方向的稳定、研究的深入,准备瞄准几个固定期刊投稿,如美陶、Inorg Chem、发光学报等。

Journal of the American Ceramic Society  3篇

Local coordination, electronic structure and thermal quenching   of Ce3+ in isostructural Sr2GdAlO5 and Sr3AlO4F phosphors
Phase   transformation in Ca3(PO4)2:Eu2+ via the controlled quenching and increased   Eu2+ content: Identification of new cyan-emitting α-Ca3(PO4)2:Eu2+ phosphor
Solution growth of   millimeter-scale Na2SiF6   single crystals for Mn4+-doping   as red phosphor

Journal of Materials Chemistry C  3篇

New Y2BaAl4SiO12:Ce3+ yellow microcrystal-glass powder phosphor   with high thermal emission stability
Structure evolution   and photoluminescence of the Lu3(Al2-xMgx)(Al3-xSix)O12:Ce3+ (x = 0-2)   phosphors: New yellow-color converter for blue LED-driven solid state   lighting
New garnet   structure phosphors, Lu3-xYxMgAl3SiO12:Ce3+ (x = 0, 1, 2, 3), developed by   solid solution design

Inorganic Chemistry  4篇

Cation substitution dependent bimodal photoluminescence in   whitlockite structural Ca3-xSrx(PO4)2:Eu2+ (0x2)   solid solution phosphors
New yellow-emitting   whitlockite-type structure Sr1.75Ca1.25(PO4)2:Eu2+ phosphor for near-UV   pumped white light-emitting devices
BaTiF6:Mn4+ red   phosphor: Synthesis of single crystals at room temperature and the excellent   moisture-resistant property
Microsized red   luminescent MgAl2O4:Mn4+ single-crystal phosphor grown in molten salt for   white LEDs

Journal of Physical Chemistry C  2篇

Red-shifted emission in Y3MgSiAl3O12:Ce3+ garnet phosphor for   blue light pumped white light emitting diodes
Discovery of new   solid solution phosphors via cation substitution-dependent phase transition   in M3(PO4)2:Eu2+ (M = Ca/Sr/Ba) quasi-binary sets

Dalton Transactions  2篇

Ultrabroadband red luminescence of Mn4+ in MgAl2O4 peaking at   651 nm
Comparative   investigations of the crystal structure and photoluminescence property of   eulytite-type Ba3Eu(PO4)3 and Sr3Eu(PO4)3

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  1篇

Intense deep-red zero phonon line emission of Mn4+ in double  perovskite La4Ti3O12

Ceramics International  3篇

Phase formation of (Y,Ce)2BaAl4SiO12 yellow microcrystal-glass   phosphor for blue LED pumped white lighting
Effect of La2O3   additives on the strength and microstructure of mullite ceramics obtained   from coal gangue and γ-Al2O3
Comparative study   of Al2O3-YAG:Ce composite ceramic and single crystal YAG:Ce phosphors for   high-power laser lighting

Materials Research Bulletin  1篇

Facile solution-precipitation assisted synthesis and  luminescence property of greenish-yellow emitting Ca6Ba(PO4)4O:Eu2+ phosphor

Chemical Physics Letters  1篇

Cyan-emitting LiBaBO3:Eu2+ phosphor: crystal structure and  luminescence property comparison with LiSrBO3:Eu2+

发光学报  1篇


无机材料学报  2篇


Journal of the European Ceramic Society  2篇

Industry-friendly synthesis and high saturation threshold of a   LuAG:Ce/glass composite film realizing high-brightness laser lighting
Design of a   CaAlSiN3:Eu/glass composite film: Facile synthesis, high saturation-threshold   and application in high-power laser lighting

Applied Clay Science  1篇

Phase transformation of coal gangue by aluminothermic reduction  nitridation: Influence of sintering temperature and aluminum content

Journal of Materials Research  1篇

Preparation, microstructure and compressive strength of carbon  foams derived from sucrose and kaolinite

Powder Technology 1篇

Synthesis of Si3N4 powder with tunable α/β-Si3N4 content from  waste silica fume using carbothermal reduction nitridation


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