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学峰英语诗选-To Miss X

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To Miss X

In such a spacious park in the city
You could pick up to stay in places
Where will be afar away from the corner
Where is  filling up  with my loneliness

Why so close should you come to me ?
Making my eyes sticking with your beauty
Your face and eyes  look to me alike
The flowers release peace in air
And  ripples  soothing in lucent streams
While your vibrant and graceful body
Adding in extra restlessness to me

We met here with many options
If you took to be so close to me
Though your presence  ameliorated my alone
How likely follow-ups are available to me

Copyright © Xuefeng Pan | Year Posted 2023



Roles of Education

Wrongdoing such as cheating, lying, bullying ...

Prohibited strictly and used often as warnings
This fact relieved me, and left me a feeling
Any of  which will be no longer our problem

It took me a long march of experience to tell
Those  tricky things can indeed achieve winners
Alike the rich, well-known, and high officials
Needing to stand upon other's behaving finer

This assimilated human education with health care
Though they alleviate badness as mutual effect
Neither education eradicated human misbehaviors
Nor health care eliminates diseases as a fact

Copyright © Xuefeng Pan | Year Posted 2023




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