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CFP: Journal of Materials Chemistry C----柔性电子学专辑

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专辑名称:Flexible Electronics (Journal of Materials Chemistry C)

专辑编辑:Guozhen Shen, Chongwu Zhou (University of Southern California), Yoshio Bando (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan), Lei Liao (Wuhan University)

邀稿范围:This themed issue will cover all the aspects of the recent exciting progress in flexible electronics, including the synthesis, characterization, and nanostructure of functional materials for flexible electronics applications including flexible displays, transistors, photodetectors, electronic textiles, sensory skins, active antennas, flexible supercapacitors, etc. Our aim is to highlight remarkable contributions made by the leading scientists in this important research area and broad impacts of flexible electronics. We will be therefore delighted if you would accept our invitation to submit a manuscript on the related topics.

投稿信息:请登录RSC期刊投稿系统正常投稿,请在Cover Letter中注明投稿为“Flexible electronics”专辑。请于2013年9月前投稿,预计出版日期2014年1-2月

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