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Dear Dr. Zhang:

It  is a pleasure to accept your manuscript entitled "Preparation of porous glass based thick film using diffusion-induced phase separation from scrap glass" (JACERS-33943.R2) in its current form for publication in the Journal of the American Ceramic    Thank you for your revisions and explanations.

Your article cannot be published until the publisher has received the appropriate signed license agreement. When your article has been received by Wiley for production, the corresponding author will receive an email from Wiley’s Author Services system which will ask them to log in and will present them with the appropriate license for completion.  Please do not send copyright forms directly to the Editor.

You will receive page proofs of your article within two to three weeks.  Your immediate review and approval of these page proofs is appreciated.  Please let us know if you expect to be unable to review the page proofs of your manuscript at this time by contacting us at the e-mail address above.  Please provide the name and e-mail address of a co-author or colleague who can review and approve the page proofs in your absence.You will receive an invoice for page charges. These charges are OPTIONAL. If you have a budget to support these charges, please complete the invoice and return with payment. If not, please sign the form in the appropriate location, indicating you do not have the available funds and return.Thank you for your fine contribution.  

On behalf of the Editors of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society, we look forward to your continued contributions to the Journal.


Prof. Lisa Klein

Editor in Chief, Journal of the American Ceramic Society


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