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The Whittaker Award recognizes an ecologist with an earned doctorate(博士学位) and an outstanding record of contributions in ecology (卓越贡献)who is not a U.S. citizen (非美国公民)and who resides outside the United States(不在美国居住).


Dr. Jingyun Fang – a Cheung Kong Scholar, Professor, and Chair of the Department of Ecology, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Peking University – is one of the most renowned ecologists in China. During his career, Fang has played pivotal roles in the advancement of ecology, in informing national and international policy, and in building a scientific community of ecologists in China. He makes significant contributions to the understanding of carbon cycling, biodiversity, remote sensing, and plant stoichiometry. Fang has published 7 books and over 370 peer-reviewed papers, including key papers in Science, Nature, and PNAS. His work uses environmental and anthropogenic gradients at local and national scales – conceptually similar to Whittaker’s classical gradient studies – to markedly influence the understanding of the variation in and controls over diversity, carbon cycling, and ecosystem services. His body of work advances numerous concepts that Whittaker pioneered, and also establishes new standards of scientific rigor that were impossible in Whittaker’s time.


R. H. Whittaker Distinguished Ecologist Award – The Ecological Society of America's History and Records

Year Full Name   Citations/H-index
2014    Richard Shine   55418/114  
2015 Inderjit  5097/38
2016 Ezatollah Karami  1784/23
2017 Petr Pyšek  44222/100
2018 David b. lindenmayer      54710/115



Eminent Ecologist Award: Robert D. Holt

Distinguished Service Citation: Charles D. Canham

Eugene P. Odum Award for Excellence in Ecology Education: Ricardo Rozzi

Commitment to Human Diversity in Ecology Award: Maria N. Miriti

Robert H. Whittaker Distinguished Ecologist Award: Jingyun Fang

W.S. Cooper Award: Songlin Fei, Johanna M. Desprez, Kevin M. Potter, Insu Jo, Jonathan A. Knott, and Christopher M. Oswalt

George Mercer Award: Jesmer, Brett R., Merkle, Jerod A., Goheen, Jacob R., Aikens, Ellen O., Beck, Jeffrey L., Courtemanch, Alyson B., Hurley, Mark A., McWhirter, Douglas E., Miyasaki, Hollie M., Monteith, Kevin L., and Kauffman, Matthew J.

Sustainability Science Award: McPhearson, T., S.T.A. Pickett, N.R. Grimm, J. Niemela, M. Alberti, T. Elmqvist, C. Weber, D. Haase, J. Breuste, and S. Qureshi

Innovation in Sustainability Science Award: Bennett, E.M., M. Solan, R. Biggs, T. McPhearson, A.V. Norström, P. Olsson, L., Pereira, G.D. Peterson, C. Raudsepp-Hearne, F. Biermann, S.R. Carpenter, E.C. Ellis, T. Hichert, V. Galaz, M. Lahsen, M. Milkoreit, B. Martin López, K.A. Nicholas, R., Preiser, G. Vince, J.M. Vervoort, and J. Xu.

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