Plant Cell:当今植物细胞生物学15个最具代表的开放性问题
2021-9-18 13:59

Fifteen compelling open questions in plant cell biology

 作者 Adrienne H. K. Roeder; Marisa S. Otegui, Ram Dixit, Charles T. Anderson, Christine Faulkner, Yan Zhang, Maria J. Harrison, Charlotte Kirchhelle, Gohta Goshima, Jeremy E. Coate, Jeff J. Doyle, Olivier Hamant, Keiko Sugimoto, Liam Dolan, Heather Meyer, David W. Ehrhardt, Arezki Boudaoud, and Carlos Messina


背景回顾:As scientists, we are at least as excited about the open questions—the things we don’t know— as the discoveries. Here, we asked 15 experts to describe the most compelling open questions in plant cell biology. These are their questions: 

1. How are organelle identity, domains, and boundaries maintained under the continuous flux of vesicle trafficking and membrane remodeling? 

2. Is the plant cortical microtubule cytoskeleton a mechanosensory apparatus? 

3. How are the cellular pathways of cell wall synthesis, assembly, modification, and integrity sensing linked in plants? 

4. Why do plasmodesmata open and close? 

5. Is there retrograde signaling from vacuoles to the nucleus? 

6. How do root cells accommodate fungal endosymbionts? 

7. What is the role of cell edges in plant morphogenesis? 

8. How is the cell division site determined? 

9. What are the emergent effects of polyploidy on the biology of the cell, and how are any such "rules" conditioned by cell type? 

10. Can mechanical forces trigger new cell fates in plants? 

11. How does a single differentiated somatic cell reprogram and gain pluripotency? 

12. How does polarity develop de-novo in isolated plant cells? 

13. What is the spectrum of cellular functions for membraneless organelles and intrinsically disordered proteins? 

14. How do plants deal with internal noise? 

15. How does order emerge in cells and propagate to organs and organisms from complex dynamical processes? 

We hope you find the discussions of these questions thought provoking and inspiring.

 摘 要 


1. 在囊泡运输和膜重塑的持续流动下,细胞器的本体、结构域和边界是如何维持的?

2. 植物皮层微管细胞骨架是否是一种机械感应装置?

3. 植物中细胞壁合成、组装、修饰和完整性感应的细胞途径是如何相关关联的?

4. 为何胞间连丝会开放和关闭?

5. 是否有从液泡到细胞核的逆行信号?

6. 根细胞如何适应真菌内共生?

7. 细胞边缘在植物形态发生中的作用是什么?

8. 如何确定细胞分裂位点?

9. 多倍体对细胞生物学的影响是什么?以及这些“规则”是如何受到细胞类型的制约的?

10. 植物中机械力能诱导新的细胞命运吗?

11. 单个分化的体细胞如何进行重编程并获得多能性?

12. 在离体的植物细胞中,极性是如何从头建成的?

13. 无膜细胞器和内在无序蛋白质的细胞功能谱是什么?

14. 植物是如何处理内部噪音的?

15. 植物细胞的秩序是如何形成的,以及如何从复杂的动力学过程传播到器官和生物体的?



 编辑 Adrienne H. K. Roeder


doi: https://doi.org/10.1093/plcell/koab225

Journal: Plant Cell

Published dateSeptember 16, 2021





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