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有物混成,先天地生。寂兮寥兮,独立不改,周行而不殆 ,可以为天地母。吾不知其名,强字之曰,强为之名曰。大曰逝,逝曰远,远曰反 (道德经,第25章)



There was a chaotic lump that had been formed prior to the Heaven and the Earth. It is soundless and shapeless, but it exists independently for long and would never stop. It moves in endless cycles and can be the origin of everything in the universe. I do not know its name, and make do with the mark the Dao, or the Way, and name it Da, or the Great. It is vast and flows round without stopping, and extends to the farthest, and then returns to its origin. Da is also called Shi (i.e. constantly on the move). Shi is also called Yuan (i.e. far-reaching), and Yuan is also called Fan (i.e. returning to the very beginning). (Dao De Jing, Chapter 25 https://www.en84.com/dianji/zhuzi/201012/00005257.html)

This article briefly reviews the limitations of modern theoretical physics, including theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. Two defects of general relativity are pointed out. Two theoretical models of cosmic redshift were compared, including "Big Bang Space Expansion" and "Tired Light". Emphasizes the importance of broad thinking and original thinking to promote the development of basic theories of physics. The basis of the emerging Super-photon theory is introduced. The essential understanding of the gravitational constant is elucidated. The generalized law of gravitation, the Tully-Fisher relationship and the modified Newtonian dynamics relationship are theoretically deduced. The temperature and spectrum of the cosmic microwave background radiation are theoretically determined accurately. Two experiments were initially designed to verify the Super-photon theory. The ability of photons to travel at the speed of light in frictional vacuum is theoretically verified. The concept of the two-phase flow of photons is put forward and the mathematical and physical framework of the circulation of matter and energy in the Universe was elicited. For the full text, please refer to:





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