Evolution 2.0

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Evolution 2.0 

1. List the self growth systems separately, put forward the concept of "biology-system".

2. First stage biology-system, cell; second stage biology-system, animal and plant; third stage biology-system, human society.

3. Corresponding, first stage information system, DNA; second stage information system, brain-nervous system; third stage information system, human society system. Social information system includes brain, book, computer, mobile phone, network and so on.

4. The motivation of evolution is accidental and sudden, such as DNA mutation and brain inspiration. The direction of progressive evolution is entropy reduction. The biological progressive evolution of local entropy decrease corresponds to the evolution of the whole world towards entropy increase, and the theory of evolution corresponds to the second law of thermodynamics.

5. DNA dominates the evolution of the human body, and the brain dominates the evolution of human behavior, just like the evolution of computer hardware and software

6. Urban brain, Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, etc. every progress of information technology is promoting the evolution of human society. Social information system dominates the self evolution of human society, just as DNA dominates cell evolution. The human social system is discrete, and the changes of information system can be directly reflected in itself. Unlike using cells, animals and plants need to be reflected in the next generation. Self evolution is also the highest form of biological evolution.

7. Economic policies at the macro level, the indirect regulation of the central bank, and the publicity of economic rights are the contents of Marxism. At the micro level, individual independent decision-making is the content of liberalism. Society is like the human body. The former corresponds to the nervous system and endocrine system, and the latter corresponds to the autonomous operation of cells. They are essential.

Capitalism and socialism have the same goal, and will move towards a mixed economy. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is actually a mixed economy. The United States and Europe also have economic policies and central bank regulation. Its essence is also a mixed economy.

The progressive evolution of cells, animals and plants and the progress of human society is towards entropy reduction. We can make entropy reduction replace freedom and democracy as the core value of society, which is interlinked with the essence of benevolence, moderation and harmony of Confucianism.

The biology-system theory regards human society as a whole, which coincides with the thought of human destiny community.

The above points mean that the three major trends of thought in contemporary China - Marxism, liberalism and Confucianism are unified.

Taking biological evolution as the blueprint and entropy reduction as the core value, it leads to a new political and economic system. The biology-system theory is exploring the future human social form. The significance behind it is to expand science to the political and economic field, reconstruct social order and human belief with biological evolution, and finally unify natural science and social science.

8. In the future, human civilization will evolve from low-level to intermediate and even high-level like animals and plants, and even breed the next generation on other planets and enter interstellar communication.

In the future, we can manufacture intelligent robots with independent ability and put them on Mars, so that they can manufacture similar robots in the way of factory division of labor and cooperation, realize cluster reproduction and form robot civilization.

Robots can be large or small, and their life span is much longer than that of humans. They can better adapt to complex environments and have the ability to survive far beyond human civilization.

In the future, micro robots and spacecraft can also be manufactured to carry civilization information and even DNA information, become the seeds of planetary civilization, spread throughout the universe, and multiply the next generation in other galaxies after thousands of flights, so as to realize interstellar communication.

The universe is vast and long. Maybe millions of years later, the descendants of human civilization will spread all over the galaxy, whether robot civilization or human civilization.

9. The biology-system theory is generalized Evolution & Evolution 2.0, it is compared to evolution as relativity theory is to classical mechanics. 

The biology-system theory unifies cells, animals and plants, and human society from micro to macro, and runs through evolution and entropy reduction. It is a unified theory, macro theory and ultimate theory in biological field.



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