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Kudos Project:以太物理学可以解决费米悖论

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Etheric physics could solve the Fermi Paradox


Project DOI: 10.26303/p73z-ya94

Kudos project 的链接:Etheric physics could explain communication breakdown between earth and the extrasolar planets – Kudos (growkudos.com)


What is it about?



The Fermi Paradox is a scientific paradox about extraterrestrials. It describes the contradiction between overestimation of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization and the lack of evidence for it.


The odds that Earthlings are the only intelligent beings in the entire universe is impossibly small. Why, then, have we not received a signal from any cosmic neighbors? The etheric view of physics could hold the answer.



In a pair of preprint articles, former physics professor Jian’an Wang explains how the ether—an all-energy shroud of varying density that covers the whole universe—creates distortions in electromagnetic waves emitted or received by a moving object.



These distortions become increasingly large as velocity or ether density increase. This could explain why we can’t receive communications signals from intelligent life inhabiting a different star system, and why certain spacecraft can’t communicate with ground control upon re-entry.



Jian’an Wang received his bachelor’s degree in experimental nuclear physics in 1982 from the Department of Modern Physics at the University of Science and Technology of China. Upon graduating, he was assigned to the China Institute of Atomic Energy, where he studied nuclear reactions of charged particles. In 1985, he was admitted to the Department of Physics at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, from which he received a master’s degree. He obtained a Ph.D. in 1996 from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for his research on laser luminescent materials. Wang entered the Department of Physics at Shenzhen University as an assistant professor in 1999 and retired in 2012.


Why is it important?


Experimental evidence for the ether remains to be gathered. But its existence could lead to reinterpretations of quantum physics and the theories of general and special relativity.



Audience Briefings




Blame the ether: Why communication with certain spacecraft and aliens isn’t possible

归咎于以太: 为什么不可能与某些宇宙飞船和外星人通信


May 18, 2022 – China – In the early days of human space flight, re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere was a shaky affair. To be fair, re-entry for any spacecraft is a precarious balance of extremes. Going from thousands of miles per hour to zero at touchdown involves taking on tremendous amounts of heat and pressure. But early space missions were also faced with the prospect of losing communication with mission control down on Earth during the most critical point of their journey.


All that heat that the hull of a spacecraft must endure as it screeches back to Earth is enough to strip electrons off the atoms of the various elements that make up air. This ionization envelops the spacecraft and creates an electromagnetic cloak that blocks any radio signal going out or coming in. This is what’s known as an ionization blackout. For astronauts aboard NASA’s Apollo missions, this type of blackout lasted up to several minutes—sometimes longer than expected, as famously and terrifyingly recorded for the Apollo 13 mission.



Today, thanks to changes in shuttle shape and the deployment of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System, ionization won’t knock out communications completely. However, blackouts are still a problem for any capsule-shaped craft. But is ionization the only phenomenon to blame?



According to Jian’an Wang, former professor of physics at Shenzhen University, there could be an overlooked component at play. And it comes in the form of an all-encompassing, universe-sized shroud called the “ether”.


The etheric view of physics proposes that all space- time is permeated by a continuous field of energy that influences matter.



Accounting for this field offers an explanation for some of the bizarre implications of Einstein’s theory of special relativity: time dilation, size contraction, the increase in mass of moving objects, and the apparent constancy of the speed of light. And now, says Wang, you can add communications blackouts with spacecraft to the list.



In a pair of preprint articles, Wang demonstrates how incorporating the ether into James Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism suggests that distortions in radio signals can arise where two factors coincide: where the ether is dense and the velocity of a moving object is high. These conditions are satisfied by a spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere, with the ether becoming increasingly dense (from the spacecraft’s frame of reference) as it nears the Earth’s surface.



This alternative explanation for blackouts doesn’t completely nix the role played by ionization. After all, upon re-entry to Earth, any spacecraft must still contend with extremely high friction as it scrapes through our planet’s dense atmosphere. But consider, Wang says, that blackouts occur even when spacecraft enter atmospheres much thinner than our own—like that of our nearest neighbor, Mars.    




The kinematics of re-entry and the associated effects of the ether, Wang explains, create electromagnetic distortions large enough to scramble signals between any sufficiently fast-moving object and a stationary object—whether that’s a zooming spacecraft seeking to make contact with ground control, a remotely operated spacecraft destined for Mars, or an alien planet seeking to make contact with Earth.


The same mechanism that accounts for blackouts experienced by spacecraft and space probes could explain why we’ve yet to receive a friendly “Hello” from intelligent life outside of our galactic neighborhood. Put simply, we’re all moving too fast and the drag from the ether is too great to get the conversation started.



Who is involved?



Vivien Pinner and Dr. Jian’an wang

 Vivien Pinner 和王建安博士


下面是Kudos project 的链接:Etheric physics could explain communication breakdown between earth and the extrasolar planets – Kudos (growkudos.com)


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