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DIKWP Ultimate of Digital Economy: From Asymmetric Data Economy, Asymmetric Information Economy to Symmetric Knowledge Economy and Symmetric Wisdom Economy

November 2022,DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.32178.48328


DIKWP Ultimate of Digital Economy: From Asymmetric Data Economy, Asymmetric Information Economy to Symmetric Knowledge Economy and Symmetric Wisdom Economy


Yucong Duan(段玉聪)

DIKWP research group, Hainan University

Email: duanyucong@hotmail.com



Historically asymmetric availability or ownership of Data Asset, Information Asset, Knowledge Asset and Wisdom Asset has essentially contributed to the revelation of cognitive understanding, development and planning of various economic society in human civilization processing. Various models and theories of Economics lay their exchange and transaction foundation on the asymmetry of the availability and the asymmetry of the demands of commercial goods or services. However from the DIKWP Capital materialization and DIKWP Governance perspective, with the rapidly development of the modern information technology and widely progressing digital communication facilities, Asymmetric Data Economy and Asymmetric Information Economy are increasingly fading with the replacement from essentially Symmetric Knowledge Economy and Symmetric Wisdom Economy. Towards a solution, we reveal the formalization on the inevitability of the replacement of Asymmetric Economy by Symmetric Economy and predict the DIKWP Digital Market Economy in terms of DIKWP-12-Chians:DIKWP Capital Chain, DIKWP Digital Economy Chain, DIKWP Service Chain of XaaS, DIKWP Trust Chain, DIKWP Governance Chain, DIKWP Blockchain Chain, DIKWP Contract Chain, DIKWP Learning Chain for Strong AI, and DIKWP Digital Culture Chain, DIKWP Digital Reuse/Sharing Chain, DIKWP Digital Science Chain, DIKWP Digital Civilization Chain.

Keywords: Metaverse Economics, DIKWP, Governance, Trust Computing, Blockchain 


下一篇:"非对称经济学"到"对称经济学"Asymmetric Economics to Symmetric Economics


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