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Towards sustainability in the petroleum industry: initiatives, technologies, innovation and industry dynamics

期刊:Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology


This special issue will provide some holistic approaches regarding the petroleum industry and petrochemistry exploration, production in terms of sustainability as a specific organizational model in a highly competitive industrial paradigm. The objective is to provide relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings in the area of sustainability within the petroleum industry in terms of initiatives, technologies, innovation, and industry dynamics and their impacts on contemporary economies.  The submitted manuscripts will be dedicated to specific aspects and suggest solutions regarding sustainability in the petroleum industry. It will consider the initiatives, technologies, innovation, and industry dynamics evolution in the petroleum industry and economy. The main topics of this special issue are intended but not limited to:

  • Climate change and petroleum exploitation industry;

  • Deregulation of the downstream petroleum industry;

  • Diversifying petroleum technology suppliers;Energy market resilience and the petroleum industry;

  • Energy Production and Consumption;Energy security and the petroleum transport trade routes;

  • Energy transition and petroleum industry;

  • Environmental implications of petroleum industry development;

  • Environmental, safety, and economic risks in the petroleum industry;

  • Future energy market and petroleum exploitation;

  • Recycling and green practices in petroleum sector;

  • Applications of evolutionary game theory; 

  • Green revolution and the petrochemistry transformation;

  • Impacts on the environment and energy supply chain;

  • Innovation and technology in sustaining the petroleum industry;

  • New technological developments in the field of petroleum industry and petrochemistry;

  • Petroleum and renewables substitute developments;

  • Petroleum geopolitics and the new green deal;

  • Technological limits in the field of petroleum exploitations, transport, and technology;

The issue will also represent a repository of the highly scientific contributions in petroleum science, production, exploitation, technology, and policy to mitigate the new energy paradigm development. Therefore, this special issue could be considered a proactive platform to share the most recent researches, ideas, innovations, and concerns across the above topics and encourage interdisciplinary research collaboration in the field of energy-related aspects.

Deep Learning in Multimodal Medical Imaging for Cancer Detection

期刊:Neural Computing and Applications

客座编辑:Priti Bansal; Vincenzo Piuri; Vasile Palade; Ding Weiping


This topical issue aims at exploring techniques that can be used to overcome the many challenges faced by researches working on deep learning for multimodal medical imaging. We welcome original, high-quality research works in this area.  Priority will be given to research papers which perform comparison with state-of-the-art techniques and with complete statistical analysis.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Optimization of DLMs in multimodal medical imaging for cancer detection

  • Hyperparameters tuning of DLMs using Swarm-based and Evolutionary algorithms

  • Fuzzy theory and DLMs for identification of ROI in multimodal medical images

  • Light weight DLMs for cancer detection

  • Federated learning of DLMs in multimodal medical imaging for cancer detection

  • Integrated methods for multimodal medical image segmentation

  • Performance enhancement of DLMs by applying efficient pre-processing techniques

  • DLMs in cancer treatment response and management 

  • Neuro-fuzzy in multimodal medical imaging for cancer detection

Integrated Disaster Risk Research of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau under Climate Change

期刊:International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

客座编辑: Prof. Peijun Shi, Prof. Peng Cui, Prof. Tao Ye


The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and its adjacent mountainous areas are featured with significant climate differences, diverse geomorphology, developed glaciers, and strong crustal uplift and river undercut. The complex natural environment has led to a variety of natural hazards and disasters, including earthquakes, rock/glacier fall, landslides, debris flows, flash floods, dust storms, and snowstorms. These hazards coexist, overlap, and interact, creating complex chains of disasters and cascading and compound events, and imposing great threat to local people and socioeconomic activities. Climate change featured with anthropogenic warming is altering the cycles of water, energy, and materials on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, leading to high potential risks in the future. It is of great significance to understand the interactions between different hazards, the formation of multi-hazards, disaster chains, and compound events, and their dynamics under climate change. We aim to call for efforts in understanding the mechanisms of triggering, cascading, and compound events, developing integrated assessment models for socioecological systems in this region, and projecting future climate change challenges. Integrated risk governance approaches for sustainability addressing the above challenges are also welcome.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Process-based modeling of disaster chains and compound events

  • Integrated risk assessment models for multi-hazards, disaster chains, and  compound events

  • Analysis of the dynamics of hazards and risks in response to climate change

  • Investigation of the complex regional and global impacts of hazards

  • Measures and effects of integrated risk governance

2D and Hybrid Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

期刊:Discover Materials

客座编辑:Gustavo Martini Dalpian, Sydney Ferreira Santos, Moyses Araujo


Implementing the infrastructure for universal access to sustainable energy is a critical scientific, technological and social challenge, which requires major efforts in developing and developed countries. This Topical Collection will focus on the scientific and technological developments in materials for sustainable renewable energy challenge.

Contributions regarding the development of 2D and hybrid materials applied to different forms of energy conversion and energy storage are expected. Research areas related to hydrogen storage, advanced batteries, solar cells, photo-electrochemistry, fuel cells, solar fuels, thermoelectrics, catalysis and electrocatalysis, energy harvesting are interesting to this Topical Collection.

Contributions adopting experimental techniques and modeling and simulation of energy materials; devices for energy storage, saving and conversion, and smart grids, as well as Waste-to-Energy innovative technologies, are welcome. Special emphasis is devoted on 2D materials and hybrid materials for the above mentioned topics.

IPCC: dinosaur or dynamo for climate action?

期刊:Climate Action

客座编辑: Elin Lerum Boasson, Erlend Hermansen and Glen Peters


We seek contributions (original research, reviews, perspective articles and case studies) to a special collection that relate to the aims presented above, and for instance deal with the following questions: 

  • To what extent and how does the procedural set-up, design and execution of the IPCC process enable the IPCC to be relevant for climate action post-Paris?

  • How has the role of varying scientific disciplines within the IPCC changed over time, how has the IPCC in turn contributed to shape disciplinary practices, and how does this affect the ability of the IPCC to be relevant for climate action?  

  • How does IPCC knowledge inform and influence climate governance and climate action, at the international, regional, national and local level, and how has this changed over time? 

  • Which factors shape and determine whether and how IPCC reports and summary for policy makers are relevant for climate action? What is the relative importance of various scientific disciplines, member states, entrepreneurship, traditions, cultures and other factors, and how does the differing disciplines affect the impact of IPCC knowledge on climate action?  

  • Should and could the IPCC be reformed to become more relevant for climate action post-Paris? Can other science-policy procedures and boundary organizations be more conducive to facilitate climate action at this stage in climate transition processes?

Do not hesitate to contact the special issue editors if you consider submitting a contribution. 

Enhancing Sustainability in the Global South: Insights, Perspectives and Approaches

期刊:Discover Sustainability

客座编辑:Rudi Pretorius, Luis Velazquez, Golda A Edwin


In response to the need to provide a stronger voice for the South in the Northern dominated narrative on sustainable development, the Topical Collection “Enhancing sustainability in the Global South: Insights, perspectives and approaches” provides a platform to showcase and explore the role of the agency from the Global South in the development, adoption and implementation of sustainable development and specifically the sustainable development goals (SDGs) as a voluntary consensus framework for international development. To be truly effective, the problematic surrounding the environment and humankind in the 21st century and the role of the SDGs in this regard need to be reframed and redefined with cognizance of the context, priorities and real-world conditions as experienced and lived in the Global South. It stands to reason that the ideas and actors from the Global South have an important role to play in driving the transformative shifts required for the realization of the SDGs and doing so in a framework grounded in their knowledge and value systems, context and aspirations.

Recent Development and Applications of Sustainable Cooling and Cold Storage Technologies

期刊:Discover Energy

客座编辑: Yongliang Li, Wenji Song, Alessandro Romagnoli & Kai Wang


Cooling is the fastest-growing use of energy in buildings but is also one of the most critical blind spots in today’s energy debate. Rising demand for space cooling is putting enormous strain on electricity systems in many countries, as well as driving up emissions. The recent ‘Defining the Energy Conundrum of Cooling for All’ report found that globally the energy consumption from cooling (assuming current technology progress) will grow under the standard demand forecast to 9,500 TWh by 2050, which will then be greater than the energy consumption for heating. Similarly, the recent IEA technology report on ‘the Future of Cooling’ also concluded that ‘without action to address energy efficiency, energy demand for space cooling will be more than tripled by 2050 – consuming as much electricity as all of China and India generated today’. As a result, many countries have developed particular energy policies for decarbonising the cooling sector. For example, China has released the ‘Green and High-Efficiency Cooling Action Plan’ which has the force of law, setting forth targets for cooling-product energy efficiency improvement of 25-30% by 2030. The European Commission also launched its Heating and Cooling Strategy, identifying actions of ‘increasing the share of renewables’ and ‘reuse of energy waste from industry’ as two key areas for decarbonizing cooling to meet the EU’s climate goals by 2050.

GIS Mapping and Geovisualization Techniques in Water Research and Practice

期刊:Discover Water

客座编辑:Helder I. Chaminé, Maurizio Barbieri & José Teixeira


This Topical Collection encourages the submission of manuscripts focused on hydrology, groundwater, water resources, particularly on GIS mapping, geovisualisation techniques and geospatial analytics. We welcome original research papers that aim to enhance the scientific community’s knowledge and provide valuable information on water regarding hydrological systems, groundwater quality, water resources management, hydrological hazards, and eco-hydrological services. This approach includes all aspects of GIS mapping for water systems, characterisation, assessment, monitoring and management within a sustainable and eco-responsibility framework aiming a better multi and transdisciplinary knowledge in water cycle, environmental and societal impacts. Potential topics in water include but are not limited to the following: hydrogeological mapping, water quality, isotope hydrology, hydrodynamics, water resources, groundwater engineering, and modelling. Other emerging fields in water and environmental studies are most welcome, such as: GIS mapping, geovisualisation techniques, hydrogeomorphology, hydropedology, urban hydrology and planning, rural hydrogeology and small-scale water resources management, hydrotoponymy and cultural heritage, and hydrogeoethics. Those are also interlinkage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



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