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[Knowledge Sharing] SEM and Process Part I

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[Knowledge Sharing] SEM and Process Part I 

  最近又被询问了 SEM and/or PROCESS 软件使用时机, 说明一下:


  PROCESS软件作者 Andrew F. Hayes多次说明,PROCESS 软件使用时机。Hayes et al. (2017)大作中再次强调:

1.SEM and PROCESS are based on different estimation methods and theory, some differences can be expected.

2.PROCESS is a computational tool — a “macro”—available for SPSS and SAS that simplifies the implementation of mediation, moderation, and conditional process analysis with observed(i.e., “manifest”) variables.



  PROCESS不适用在latent variable model,因为无法估计。

  混用 SEM+ PROCESS 需要解释为什么?而不是想用就用,毕竟2种方法有其不同的estimation methods and theory,要求也不一样。不然,估计出来的结果是不精确的,如何解释和下结论。这是一篇Journal Paper被拒绝的部分关键。

  • Hayes, A. F., Montoya, A. K., & Rockwood, N. J. (2017). The analysis of mechanisms and their contingencies: PROCESS versus structural equation modeling. Australasian Marketing Journal, 25, 76-81


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