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  許多老師詢問:SEM 能做什麼研究?頂級期刊還接受SEM文章嗎?請參考頂級期刊中,MISQ,ISR 和 JAIS 部分的SEM 多用途範例如下:


Experiment+ SEM
Johnston, A.C., Warkentin, M., and Siponen, M. 2015. “An enhanced fear appeal rhetorical framework: leveraging threats to the human asset through sanctioning rhetoric,” MIS Quarterly (39:1), pp. 113-134.

Schmitz, P. W., Teng, J. T. C., and Webb, K. J. 2016. “Capturing the complexity of malleable it use: adaptive structuration theory for individuals,” Social Science Electronic Publishing (40:3), pp. 663-686.

Mixed method Qual+Quan(SEM)
Zhang, X., and Venkatesh, V. 2017. “A nomological network of knowledge management system use: antecedents and consequences,” MIS Quarterly (41:4), pp. 1275-1306.

Mixed method Qual+Quan(SEM)
Srivastava, S. C., and Chandra, S. 2018. “Social presence in virtual world collaboration: an uncertainty reduction perspective using a mixed methods approach,” MIS Quarterly (42:3), pp. 779-803.


A survey experiment (SEM)
Wang, J., Li, Y., and Rao, H. R. 2017. “Coping responses in phishing detection: an investigation of antecedents and consequences,” Information Systems Research (28:2), pp. 378-396.

A survey experiment (SEM)
Breward, M., Hassanein, K., and Head, M. 2017. “Understanding consumers' attitudes toward controversial information,” Information Systems Research (28:4), pp. 760-774.

Sarker, S., Ahuja, M., and Sarker, S. 2018. “Work-Life Conflict of Globally Distributed Software Development Personnel: An Empirical Investigation Using Border Theory,” Information Systems Research (29:1), pp. 103-126.

A survey experiment (SEM)
Robert Jr, L. P., Dennis, A. R., and Ahuja, M. K. 2018. “Differences are different: Examining the effects of communication media on the impacts of racial and gender diversity in decision-making teams,” Information Systems Research (29:3), pp. 525-545.


Focus group +SEM
Crossler, R. E., and Posey, C. 2017. “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Surrendering Privacy for Security's Sake in an Identity Ecosystem,” Journal of the Association for Information Systems (18:7), pp. 487-515.

Experiment & SEM
You, S., and Robert, L. 2018. “Emotional attachment, performance, and viability in teams collaborating with embodied physical action (EPA) robots,” Journal of the Association for Information Systems (19:5), pp. 377-407.


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