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《中国●单层28方向无交叉立交桥》 法 文 介绍

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Technique features:

An urban tri-dimensional expressway structure without traffic lights and intersections, which includes longitudinal driveways and lateral driveways that intersect with each other:

a. The crossings of longitudinal driveways and lateral driveways are a flyover crossing structure.

b. One driveway either the longitudinal driveway or the lateral driveway extends upward along the front level road from the crossing of the two driveways and crosses over its right-angled driveway, and then transits to the rear level road.

c. The longitudinal driveway or the lateral driveway is provided with a right-turning curve road at the lateral side of the crossroad thereof for connecting to its right-angled driveway.

d. A pedestrian overpass bridge is arranged on the longitudinal driveway and the lateral driveway respectively adjacent to the lateral side of the crossroad along the level road.

e. The longitudinal driveway and the lateral driveway form a semi-underground passage at the two sides and the lower part of the pedestrian overpass bridge.

f. A pedestrian passage (including a non-motor lane) is respectively arranged on the median strip of the longitudinal driveway and the lateral driveway communicated with the pedestrian overpass bridges at the both sides thereof.

Patent Number or Sample Number No de brevet ou modèle:

Chinese Invention Patent Application Number: 200610060196.9

International Patent Application Number: PCT/CN2007/000455   

American Patent Publication Number: US2007-0237576A1

Title of Invention TITRE DE L’INVENTION  

ChinaSingle-Level 28-Directional Non-Crossed Cloverleaf Junction


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Building positive (+) direction and negative (-) direction multi-level transportation by leveraging the traffic ground layer.

The 28-directional non-crossed cloverleaf junction delivers the non-crossed transit between people and vehicles and between vehicles by applying an open type semi-underground passage and adopting a positive and negative direction singlelevel arch bridge having the semi-aboveground and semi-underground structure form.

Replacing the pedestrian bridge and the pedestrian tunnel by the pedestrian overpass bridge facilitates walkers and significantly reduces construction costs and construction lands.


Estimated Product Cost Prix de revlent présumé de l’objecfinl

The outstanding characteristics compared with traditional cloverleaf junctions:

a. All vehicles and walkers can travel on their own lane without traffic lights (16 directions for vehicles and 12 directions for walkers).

b. Vehicles travel on bridges and people walk straightly on the road; people need not to climb the overpass and enter the tunnel.

c. The harmony between people, vehicles and roads can avoid the casualty accidents caused by line breaking actions by people and vehicles.

t. Tri-dimensional and express traffic roads without traffic lights and obstacles on the whole city trunk roads can be built by connecting a plurality of single-level 28-directional cloverleaf junctions (crossroads) with zebra crossing bridges.

e. The traditional multi-level cloverleaf junctions are changed into single-level arch bridges for reducing the construction costs by 50 percent and the construction lands by 50 percent.

f. The realization of standardization, normalization and humanization of the urban cloverleaf junction design.

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ChinaSingle-Level 28-Directional Non-Crossed Cloverleaf Junction is the first cloverleaf junction that delivers the non-crossed and individual travelling between people and vehicles worldwide.

The utility model can be applied at the entrance and the exit of the expressway for connecting the entrances and exits of expressways and common highroads (including sidewalks and non-motor lanes), which is more economical and convenient compared with the current separated arrangement.


Did your invention exhibit at other expositions? L’invention a-t-elle été présentée dans une autre exposition  

Yes Qui

Where Laquelle :

The 8th China●Shenzhen China High-Tech Fair

When Année :

Year 2006

Name of Inventor NOM: 

 Peng Zhenhua 


Mobile Phone Portable:  13321224128  

Fax Fax.:  0931--8462139        E-mail e-mail: Pzh887@sohu.com

Title of Invention TITRE DE L’INVENTION

China●Single-Level 28-Directional Non-Crossed Cloverleaf Junctio







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