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   关于安全标识在交通中的集中表现应该是所谓的Variable-message sign即本文写的VMS,又称其为Changeable-, electronic-, or dynamic- message sign. Wikipedia给出的定义如下:

A variable- (also changeable-, electronic-,or dynamic-) message sign, often abbreviated VMS, CMS, or DMS, and in the UKknown as a matrix sign, is an electronic traffic sign often used onroadways to give travelers information about special events. Such signs warn oftraffic congestion, accidents, incidents, roadwork(笔者认为此处是roadworks?道路施工) zones, or speed limits on aspecific highway segment. In urban areas, VMS are used within parking guidanceand information systems to guide drivers to available car parking spaces. Theymay also ask vehicles to take alternative routes, limit travel speed, warn ofduration and location of the incidents or just inform of the trafficconditions.

A complete message on a panel generallyincludes a problem statement indicating incident, roadwork, stalled vehicleetc.; a location statement indicating where the incident is located; an effectstatement indicating lane closure, delay, etc. and an action statement givingsuggestion what to do traffic conditions ahead. These signs are also used for AMBERAlert and Silver Alert messages.

In some places, VMSes are set up withpermanent, semi-static displays indicating predicted travel times to importanttraffic destinations such as major cities or interchanges along the route of ahighway.




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