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Machine Intelligence Research (MIR)


Recent years have witnessed the rising need for machine learning systems that can interact with humans in the learning loop. Such systems can be applied to computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, and human-computer interaction. Creating and running such systems call for interdisciplinary research of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software engineering design, which we abstract as Human in the Loop Learning (HiLL).

The HiLL workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working on the broad areas of HiLL, ranging from interactive/active learning algorithms for real-world decision-making systems (e.g., autonomous driving vehicles, robotic systems, etc.), human-inspired learning that mitigates the gap between human intelligence and machine intelligence, human-machine collaborative learning that creates a more powerful learning system, lifelong learning that transfers knowledge to learn new tasks over a lifetime, as well as interactive system designs (e.g., data visualization, annotation systems, etc.).

The HiLL workshop continues the previous effort to provide a platform for researchers from interdisciplinary areas to share their recent research. In this year’s workshop, a special feature is to encourage the discussion on the interactive and collaborative learning between human and machine learning agents: Can they be organically combined to create a more powerful learning system? We believe the theme of the workshop will be of interest to broad NeurIPS attendees, especially those who are interested in interdisciplinary study.


​We welcome high-quality submissions on algorithms and system designs in the broad area of human in the loop learning.

The topics of HiLL include but are not limited to:

Human-machine collaborative learning,

Human-inspired learning,

Interactive robot learning,

Interactive machine learning algorithms for autonomous decision-making systems,

Lifelong learning systems,

Online learning and active learning,

Psychology driven human concept learning,

Design, testing, and assessment of interactive systems for data analytics.

These topics span a variety of scientific disciplines and application domains like machine learning, human-computer interaction, cognitive science, and robotics. It is an opportunity for scientists in these disciplines to share their perspectives, discuss solutions to common problems and highlight the challenges in the field to help guide future research. The target audience for the workshop includes people who are interested in using machines to solve problems by having a human be an integral part of the learning process.

We invite submissions of full papers, as well as works-in-progress, position papers, and papers describing open problems and challenges. While original contributions are preferred, we also invite submissions of high-quality work that has recently been published in other venues or is concurrently submitted. We encourage creative ML approaches, as well as interdisciplinarity and perspectives from outside traditional ML. Papers should be 4-8 pages in length (excluding references) formatted using the NeurIPS template. All the submissions should be anonymous. The accepted papers are allowed to get submitted to other conference venues.

Papers can be submitted through CMT:  

Contact chairs:


​Submission deadline: Sep  29, 2022

Acceptance notification: Oct 14, 2022

Workshop data: Dec 2, 2022

We will select best paper this year.

High-quality papers of NeurIPS 2022 Workshop on Human in the Loop Learning will be recommended to publish with Machine Intelligence Research (EI and ESCI indexed journal).


Speakers of HILL Workshop @ NeurIPS 2022






Machine Intelligence Research(简称MIR,原刊名International Journal of Automation and Computing)由中国科学院自动化研究所主办,于2022年正式出版。MIR立足国内、面向全球,着眼于服务国家战略需求,刊发机器智能领域最新原创研究性论文、综述、评论等,全面报道国际机器智能领域的基础理论和前沿创新研究成果,促进国际学术交流与学科发展,服务国家人工智能科技进步。期刊入选"中国科技期刊卓越行动计划",已被ESCI、EI、Scopus、中国科技核心期刊、CSCD等数据库收录。


Top综述集锦 | 进化计算、知识挖掘、自然语言处理、人脸素描合成、机器人辅助手术...

戴琼海院士团队 | 用以图像去遮挡的基于事件增强的多模态融合混合网络
ETH Zurich重磅综述 | 人脸-素描合成:一个新的挑战
主编谭铁牛院士寄语, MIR第一期正式出版!
华南理工詹志辉团队 | 综述: 面向昂贵优化的进化计算
北科大殷绪成团队 | 弱相关知识集成的小样本图像分类
东南大学张敏灵团队 | 基于选择性特征增广的多维分类方法
联想CTO芮勇团队 | 知识挖掘:跨领域的综述
中科院自动化所何晖光团队 | 一种基于RGEC的新型网络
最新好文 | 基于因果推断的可解释对抗防御
复旦邱锡鹏团队 | 综述:自然语言处理中的范式转换
精选综述 | 用于白内障分级/分类的机器学习技术


喜报 | MIR被 ESCI 收录!

喜报 | MIR 被 EI 与 Scopus 数据库收录

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