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Ms. No.:POWER 20915Title: 1D Co2.18Ni0.82Si2O5(OH)4 architectures assembled by ultrathin nanoflakes for high-performance flexible solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Corresponding Author: Prof. Huan Pang
All Authors: Jun H Zhao; Ming B Zheng; Jing Xia; Zhen Run; Meng J Sun;
Huan Pang*

Abstracts: 1D Co2.18Ni0.82Si2O5(OH)4 architectures assembled by ultrathin nanoflakes are synthesized forthe first time by a hydrothermal method. We present a self-reacting templatemethod to synthesize 1D Co2.18Ni0.82Si2O5(OH)4 architectures using Ni(SO4)0.3(OH)1.4 nanobelts. Ahigh-performance flexible asymmetric solid-state supercapacitor can be successfullyfabricated based on the 1D Co2.18Ni0.82Si2O5(OH)4 architectures and graphene nanosheets. Interestingly, theas-assembled 1D Co2.18Ni0.82Si2O5(OH)4 architectures//Graphene nanosheets asymmetric solid-statesupercapacitor can achieve a maximum energy density of 0.496 mWh·cm-3,which is higher than most of reported solid state supercapacitors.Additionally, the device shows high cycle stability for 6000 cycles. These featuresmake the 1D Co2.18Ni0.82Si2O5(OH)4 architectures as one of the most promising candidates forhigh-performance energy storage devices.

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