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Let my 2012 new prefixes be used, please! 请使用我2012年建议的新词头!

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汉语是联合国官方正式使用的 种同等有效语言之一。请不要歧视汉语!

Chinese is one of the six equally effective official languages of the United Nations.

Not to discriminate against Chinese, please!


[建议] Let my 2012 new prefixes be used, please!  请使用我2012年建议的新词头!




   第27届国际计量大会(CGPM)于2022年11月15日星期二至18日星期五在凡尔赛宫(Palais des Congès de Versailles,10 rue de la Chancellerie,78000 Versaille)召开。

   2022-11-18,在法国巴黎郊外召开的第 27 届国际计量大会上,好心的理查德·布朗(Richard Brown)先生建议的 4 个国际单位制 SI 新词头(new prefixes, 前缀)被正式采用了。

   ronna R, quetta Q, ronto r, quecto q!

   祝贺理查德·布朗(Richard Brown)先生!





   其实,布朗先生的词头选择,过于严谨了。如对非官方术语 hella 和 bronto 的符号(h和b)的担心。

   实际上,词头是在(物理量)单位之前的,这个空间位置可以有效区分HH。前面的 H (h) 是正式的词头,后面是电感的单位H(亨利)。这种空间区分是符合人类习惯的。您不会认为常见的 33 是个不可理喻的事物吧?前面的3,后面的3,通过空间位置可以充分地区分其含义:前面是三十,后面是三。


   2012年,正是基于这种考虑,我建议了下面的 24对新词头。有趣的是,现在SI采用的布朗先生的 R/r, Q/q 也赫然列在我的建议里。只是它们表示的具体数字与布朗先生的不同。








   The 27th meeting of the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) from Tuesday 15 to Friday 18 November 2022 was convened at the Palais des Congrès de Versailles, 10 rue de la Chancellerie, 78000 Versailles, Yvelines, France.

   On November 18, 2022, at the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) outside Paris, France, the four new prefixes of the International System of Units (SI, Système international d'unités) proposed by kindly Dr. Richard Brown were formally adopted.

   ronna R, quetta Q, ronto r, quecto q!

   Congratulations to Dr. Richard Brown!


   A little regret!

   Dr. Brown said that if larger or smaller numbers are encountered, there are no ready-made English alphabets available.


   Actually, Dr. Brown's prefixe sort is too strict. Such as concerns about the symbols (h and b) of the unofficial terms hella and bronto.

   In fact, a prefix is before the (physical quantity) unit, and this spatial position can effectively distinguish HH. The H (h) in front is the prefixes, the latter H (Henry) is the unit of inductance. The spatial distinction is in line with human habits. You don't think the familiar 33 is an unreasonable thing, do you? The meaning of the front 3 and the back 3 can be fully distinguished by their spatial positions: thirty in the front, and three in the back.


   In 2012, based on this consideration, I proposed the following 24 pairs of new prefixes. Interestingly, Dr. Brown's R/r and Q/q adopted by SI are also included in my proposal. Only the specific numbers they represent are different from Mr. Brown's.


   Don't worry about "encountering larger or smaller numbers" for a short time. The Brown's open question, has been solved 10 years ago before he proposed it.

   They are the new prefixes I suggested in 2012! At most some slight modification is required.


   My prefixes represent larger and smaller prefixes in alphabetical order. Because it is more convenient to remember.

   Let my 2012 new prefixes be used, please!






[1] 新华社客户端,2022-11-20,国际单位新增4个“词头”




[2] Elizabeth Gibney. How many yottabytes in a quettabyte? Extreme numbers get new names.  NATURE, NEWS, 18 November 2022

doi:  10.1038/d41586-022-03747-9




[1] 2022-11-22,[插播,往日] 国际单位制 SI 新增 4 个“词头”(vs 中国人 10 年前的建议)


[2] 2012-04-19,增加 SI prefixes 的建议 (Suggestion to add the SI prefixes)


2012-04-19 增加 SI prefixes 的建议 (Suggestion to add the SI prefixes).jpg

表2.  建议新的国际单位制词头(SI prefixes)。

Table 2. New SI prefixes are suggested as the unused alphabetical letters of English and Greek alphabets.

[3] 2018-04-03,增加 SI prefixes 的建议 (Suggestion to add the SI prefixes)”再回首


[4] 2020-03-05,扩展 SI prefixes 的建议(Suggest to extend the SI prefixes)


[5] 2020-10-05,[严肃内容] 2012-04-13,《增加SI prefixes的建议》,可能属于“0到1”原创


[6] 2020-10-04,[优先权?] 中国人首先提出 SI 基本单位“安培”新定义?








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