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  • Maybe I am not very interest in mathematic,

    but I truly like physics.

    Learning physics can make me keep thinking and consider something other than how to make life.

  • Obviously, art and physics are different in some aspect.

    Art interprets the visible world, physics chartsits unseen workings.

  • Now I have to say that physicists are the artists in the level of rationality.

    They use the most accurate and creative ways to reveal secrets of the nature one by one,

    presenting us the most artistic masterpieces that we can ever imagine.

  • Although we are small,

    life is what we make it,

    so we are trying to make it beautiful.

  • When I think about physics,

    I am not aware of thinking about life.

    But physics itself is something that we call life.

  • Physics is definitely a charming subject,

    but I think it’s better for me continue to be a beginner,

    instead of get in the door and being abused for my pool IQ.  =L=

  • Through the study,

    not only can I learn about some knowledge about the universe,

    light, atom and so forth from the view of physics,

    but also we obtain perceptions to get close to nature and beauty further in another way through the video.

  • I really appreciate what he did.

    It always takes courage to give up what you should have for more people to have a better life.

  • To the universe we human beings are really dust

    I wander if astronomers are bigger at heart

    cause the experience of observing the universe seems to broaden their minds.

  • Though I studied sciences in middle school but now I study arts.

    There is no exclusive answer in arts.

    On the contrary sciences just have the only answer.

    So it takes me some times to adjust to the defference.

  • The rational mindset with somewhat emotional feelings of the professor is what attracts and influences me most.

  • What precious is not his contribution but his love of life.

  • So we don’t have to feel negligible about ourselves because we are also a part of the universe.

  • After the movie,

    I have learned that the time when someone devotes his heart to something is the most charming.

    I need to learn hard and work hard.

  • In our daily life,

    we will experience a lot,

    maybe some interference your minds,

    so it is very important for us to tell ourselves,

    what is right,

    and what is wrong,

    and even what you must to do,

    something you must not to do,

    and do not follow like sheep.


    in today’s society,

    female are still in the state of vulnerable groups,

    if we want to change the terms of the situation,

    knowledge perhaps is the best way,

    because we are equal before the knowledge.

  • From my own perspective,

    as members of the young generation,

    we are all under the obligation to give more considerations to the universe

    and ponder deeply over the ultimate source of our life.

    The past few years have witnessed our society developed rapidly

    and also faced with the serious issue of the boom of the materialism.

    This is an impetuous era,

    is a lost era.

    In recent years

    there has been a growing concern among the general public

    over the issue of the modern man's inner emptiness.

    To account for the phenomenon,

    various reasons have been put forward,

    and there is no denying the ignorance of the universe can play an important part.

    The observation of the universe can evoke a yearning for a quiet life.



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