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The movie about head combustion shocked me.Cheated by the murderer,I once thought he is innocent.But the professor’s words are vigilant.Deliberately or accidentally?Physics tells the truth.Thinking in sensibility aspect,we may get wrong answers,which may allow the evil or wrong the innocent.Physics maintains the rules of society,closely connected with the fact and justice.I think I understand some of the meaning of physics.It is rational,and sublime.

The more we learn, the smaller we think of ourselves and the more awed we are by life and cosmos. Only when we keep our awe, we can find the truth. That’s why I believe that every scientist has a heart of awe.

What make me depressed is that there could be no time for me to see it.

Cause life itself is already a great miracle. We are lucky enough that we can enjoy this travel, short but interesting,

I think we need to learn this from him.When we meet a problem we can’t solve it quickly,we need to become calmed and rational,not to do something silly,and wait for a moment,then the idea will comes.

there was a second that I feel lonely.Suddenly I realized that loneliness is a kind of feeling almost every scientists will faced.The world outside our planet is so dark and so boundless.Someone is doing some research alone,and someone is exploring the unknown universe alone.The danger is around the ones who are devoted to this wonderful affair,but they never give up,no matter how difficult the situation is.They devote their whole lives to chase a beam of light from star that far away from our planet,to catch electric wave from the unknown universe.They may fall to the ground by gravity one day, but their eyes will always keep staring at space.

what physics shows to us are not only the scientific knowledge but also millions of magical transformations in the universe.

I know clearly that beyond our everyday life, there exists a different and charming world, which is waiting for us to explore and discover.

Every time, grasping and small jumping, is life's another interpretation, to grasp every opportunity to live and never give up. This was the meaning of life.

When she kissed the earth, she became the hero of herself.Physics is not a dull science but an art to give you strength,letting you to be the hero of yourself.

"We may never know for sure whether there's life elsewhere, but we do know a lot about where we came from. " Because many of the scientists, astronomers seek knowledge and discover things tirelessly, we can understand the Earth in a better way, and we can explore the universe. Although we are only a small part of the Universe, it does not really matter for us to work hard to create our own value.

as the only person alive in the space, the heroine get through the real silence. Loneliness and silence don’t break her down. When she comes back the earth, she gets a very new feeling.

All of them reinterpret the concept of “Learn”.That means the knowledge is what we should know but not what the text book have said and learning means get knowledge from every chance but not only by education.

Looking back, I don’t like the high school physics education because I think it is full of assumption and we were forced to do many exercises which don’t exist in reality.

I appreciate the colorful world,I enjoy the lovely voice,I am surprised to the supernatural light,and I am looking forward to the mystical universe.Because of the movie,I got it.

I think maybe even though we can't become a scientist we can also learn the scientist's mode of thinking.Every phynomenon has causes.we can explore something important if we pay more attention to the phenomenon we don't care before.

I see him slipping away in the space and his ending is only dying in spcace lonely for lack of oxygen.Often, the emotional drama can’t quite match the visual effects in such movies, but Gravity deserves equal praise for looking inward at the human heart.

Our scientists, soever in the field of physics, chemistry, biology, etc, are all astronomers in the outer space far from the world of normal people. We have our responsibilities and we are reclusive but valiant travelers. “Reclusive” here doesn't  mean flee from social communication, but mean that even though understood by few people, scientists find it their duty to go forward and not to turn back.



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