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Fluorescence probes for lung carcinoma diagnosis and clinica 2023-09-16
Fluorescence probes for lung carcinoma diagnosis and clinical application Xiaoyu Zhang 【张晓玉】 †   ab ,  ...
protein self-assembled nanoplatform for photodynamic therapy 2023-09-02
​Biomater. Sci.|海南医学院于法标等:基于蛋白质的多功能自组装纳米平台—克服乏氧微环境用于增强成像指导的光动力治疗 原创   ZZ   BODI ...
Bioimaging of glutathione for hepatocellular carcinoma 2023-08-14
Bioimaging of glutathione variation for early diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma using a liver-targeting ratiometric near-infrared fluorescent pr ...
photothermal/photodynamic synergetic therapy again bacterial 2023-08-10
​Hollow silver–gold alloy nanoparticles for enhanced photothermal/photodynamic synergetic therapy against bacterial infection and acceleration ...
dark states fluorescence of naphthalimide phenothiazine dyad 2023-08-09
​The effect of dark states on the intersystem crossing and thermally activated delayed fluorescence of naphthalimide-phenothiazine dyads Liy ...
Ag2S Quantum-Dot- for Imaging -Guided Synergistic PDT/PTT 2023-06-24
​ Controllable Regulation of Ag2S Quantum-Dot-Mediated Protein Nanoassemblies for Imaging-Guided Synergistic PDT/PTT/Chemotherapy against Hyp ...
​Ratiometric SERS probe for peroxynitrite in diabetic would 2023-06-21
​Ratiometric SERS imaging for indication of peroxynitrite fluctuations in diabetic wound healing process Author links open overlay panel ...
Fluorescence labeling of extracellular vesicles 2023-05-31
This article is part of the themed collection:  2023 Pioneering Investigators 细胞外囊泡(EVs)是包裹在脂膜中的纳米大小的囊泡,几乎 ...


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