大流行中的学术会议[Appl. Sci.专栏第一篇发表论文]

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我在Applied Sciences(综合性、交叉性期刊,CiteScore=3.70IF=2.84)组织了一个Special Issue,大题目是“大数据分析进展”,比较宽泛。该专栏的推出主要是为了回应因为可获取数据和数据分析的平台、工具的快速增长给自然科学和社会科学带来的重大影响。我们特别欢迎(但不限于)下面四类稿件:(1)数据分析中的基础理论分析,例如一个系统的可预测性(比如时间序列的可预测性)、分类问题的最小误差分析、各种数据挖掘结果的稳定性和可信度分析;(2)数据分析的新方法,例如挖掘因果关系的新方法(这和Topic 1也是相关的)、多模态分析的新方法、隐私计算的新方法等等;(3)推出新的、高价值的数据集、数据分析平台、数据分析工具等等;(4)把大数据分析的方法用到自然科学和社会科学的各个分支(并获得洞见),我们特别喜欢用到那些原来定量化程度不高的学科。




Rethinking Academic Conferences in the Age of Pandemic


The year 2020 witnessed the havoc wreaked by the coronavirus disease COVID-19 due to its onset in late 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic is the cruelest public health crisis humankind has ever seen. The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly affected every walk of life, and academic research has been no exception. Academic conferences are an indispensable component of research. Note that the pandemic together with its variants ravaged the globe in 2020, while their recurrences yet have a deep shadow across 2021 and 2022 with uncertainties for the near future. Under the sway of the pandemic, many conferences are conducted in virtual mode to mitigate the propagation of the virus. It is no surprise that academic conferences charge the attendees for registration fees with the amount varying by countries and disciplines. Here, we collect the registration fee information for conferences held in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Note that virtual conferences barely cater to attendees except by providing online platforms. However, we discover that most of the virtual conferences held in 2020 and 2021 still charged high registration fees compared to those in 2019, while the remaining conferences only applied small discounts. In light of the current situation of the pandemic as well as uncertainties in the future, virtual conferences could be a common form of academic activity. Considering the sluggish global economy at well as other potential issues, here, we advocate that going virtual should always be an option for academic conferences in the future. We also suggest that virtual conferences should charge less and the expenditure of the fees should be open to the public.



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