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2017-9-8 08:40
The Tartary Buckwheat Genome Provides Insights into Rutin Biosynthesis and Abiotic Stress Tolerance First author: Lijun Zhang ; Affiliations: Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences ( 山西省农业科学院 ): Taiyuan, China Corresponding author: Jun Wang (王俊;华 ...
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2017-9-7 08:52
The reduction in maize leaf growth under mild drought affects the transition between cell division and cell expansion and cannot be restored by elevated gibberellic acid levels First author: Hilde Nelissen ; Affiliations: Ghent University ( 根特大学 ): Gent, Belgium ...
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2017-9-5 08:32
miR3954 is a trigger of phasiRNAs that affects flowering time in citrus First author: Yuanlong Liu ; Affiliations: Huazhong Agricultural University ( 华中农业大学 ): Wuhan , China Corresponding author: Qiang Xu (徐强) In plant, a few 22-nt miRNAs direct cle ...
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2017-9-4 08:49
The G-box transcriptional regulatory code in Arabidopsis First author: Daphne Ezer ; Affiliations: University of Cambridge ( 剑桥大学 ): Cambridge , UK Corresponding author: Philip A. Wigge Plants have significantly more transcription factor (TF) families ...
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2017-6-1 20:28
Repression of miR156 by miR159 Regulates the Timing of the Juvenile-to-Adult Transition in Arabidopsis First author: Changkui Guo ; Zhejiang Agriculture Forestry University (浙江农林): Lin'An China Corresponding author: Gang Wu (吴刚) Temporally-regulated (暂时性调节) mi ...
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