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The Plant Cell:抗坏血酸介导的氧化还原内稳态促进毡层细胞从分裂向分化的转变
2023-2-15 22:16
Ascorbic acid-mediated reactive oxygen species homeostasis modulates the switch from tapetal cell division to cell differentiation in Arabidopsis ...
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2023-2-10 23:21
Taxon-specific, phased siRNAs underlie a speciation locus in monkeyflowers ...
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Nature Plants:F-box蛋白UFO通过控制LFY的结合元件,调控植物花发育
2023-2-9 19:57
The F-box protein UFO controls flower development by redirecting the master transcription factor LEAFY to new cis -elements ...
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Plant Physiology:野草莓中4个LFY基因拷贝在花模式建成和叶发育中的作用
2023-2-8 22:25
Roles and evolution of four LEAFY homologs in floral patterning and leaf development in woodland strawberry ...
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The Plant Cell:GRAS转录因子SCL5通过激活DOF3.4,促进细胞增殖和根组织再生
2023-2-7 22:47
PAT1-type GRAS-domain proteins control regeneration by activating DOF3.4 to drive cell proliferation in Arabidopsis roots ...
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Nature Communications:磷酸肌醇枢纽关联CLE肽信号和极性生长素外流调控
2023-2-6 22:23
A phosphoinositide hub connects CLE peptide signaling and polar auxin efflux regulation ...
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Current Biology:pH依赖性CLE多肽感知作用于拟南芥根中的韧皮部分化
2023-1-28 13:20
pH-dependent CLE peptide perception permits phloem differentiation in Arabidopsis roots ...
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The Plant Cell:白花菜基因组揭示WGD作用于C4光合作用的演化
2023-1-27 15:30
The Gynandropsis gynandra genome provides insights into whole-genome duplications and the evolution of C 4 photosynthesis in Cleomaceae ...
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2023-1-26 20:33
Stigma receptors control intraspecies and interspecies barriers in Brassicaceae ...
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2023-1-25 23:09
Genome editing in plants using the compact editor CasΦ ...
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