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2023-1-12 15:26
Target of rapamycin signaling couples energy to oxygen sensing to modulate hypoxic gene expression in Arabidopsis ...
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Nature Plants:苜蓿AHL转录因子作用于NCR基因表达和根瘤发育
2023-1-11 23:57
Widely conserved AHL transcription factors are essential for NCR gene expression and nodule development in Medicago ...
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Plant J:拟南芥D27-LIKE1编码cis/cis-β-carotene异构酶,影响SL和ABA的生物合成
2023-1-11 09:20
The Arabidopsis D27-LIKE1 is a cis/cis/trans-β-carotene Isomerase that Contributes to Strigolactone Biosynthesis and Negatively Impacts Abscisic Acid Level ...
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Science Advances:COLD11基因密码子重复的自然变异作用于水稻的冷胁迫抗性
2023-1-8 15:58
Natural variation of codon repeats in COLD11 endows rice with chilling resilience ...
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Plant Communications:叶绿体通过GLK–BBX模块防止早花
2023-1-7 17:19
Chloroplasts prevent precocious flowering through a GOLDEN2-LIKE–B-BOX DOMAIN PROTEIN module ...
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2023-1-6 22:39
Maize resistance to witchweed through changes in strigolactone biosynthesis ...
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Science Advances:生长素通过增强BZR1的核积累,促进下胚轴伸长
2023-1-5 23:58
Auxin promotes hypocotyl elongation by enhancing BZR1 nuclear accumulation in Arabidopsis ...
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Plant Biotechnology Journal:PRpnp增强来檬生长活力以及对多种胁迫的抗性
2023-1-4 23:01
PRpnp, a novel dual activity PNP family protein improves plant vigor and confers multiple stress tolerance in Citrus aurantifolia ...
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Nature Communications:GLK转录因子种间顺反组动态比较揭示结合位点的广泛变异
2023-1-3 22:19
Limited conservation in cross-species comparison of GLK transcription factor binding suggested wide-spread cistrome divergence ...
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New Phytologist:低温胁迫通过阻断干细胞反馈调控回路导致番茄果实畸形
2023-1-2 22:22
Cold stress induces malformed tomato fruits by breaking the feedback loops of stem cell regulation in floral meristem ...
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