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J EXP BOT:草莓成熟过程中的转录调控
2017-10-7 09:22
Transcriptional control of strawberry ripening – two to tango First author: Denise Tieman ; Affiliations: University of Florida ( 佛罗里达大学 ): Gainsville , USA Corresponding author: Denise Tieman Although many genomic regions encoding putative transcrip ...
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Plant Cell:一个作用于蚜虫抗性和热胁迫耐性的韧皮部蛋白
2017-10-6 08:21
A Phloem Protein Contributes to Aphid Resistance and Heat Stress Tolerance Author: Kathleen L. Farquharson Aphids (蚜虫 ) are highly destructive (破坏性的 ) insect pests—in addition to robbing plants of sugar-rich phloem sap (韧皮部汁液 ), they carry viruses that can be ...
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Nature Plants:植物体内快速伸长组织的GA梯度可视化
2017-10-5 10:11
In vivo gibberellin gradients visualized in rapidly elongating tissues First author: Annalisa Rizza ; Affiliations: Cambridge University ( 剑桥大学 ): Cambridge, UK Corresponding author: Alexander M. Jones The phytohormone (植物激素) gibberellin (GA) is a ke ...
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Plant Cell:玉米籽粒维生素E自然变异相关新的QTL位点
2017-10-4 13:20
Novel Loci Underlie Natural Variation in Vitamin E Levels in Maize Grain First author: Christine H Diepenbrock ; Affiliations: Cornell University ( 康奈尔大学 ): Ithaca , USA Corresponding author: Dean DellaPenna Tocopherols (生育酚), tocotrienols (生育三烯 ...
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J EXP BOT:水稻OVATE家族蛋白基因赋予植株干旱和冷抗性
2017-10-3 08:23
Rice OVATE family protein 6 regulates plant development and confers resistance to drought and cold stresses First author: Yamei Ma ; Affiliations: South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences ( 中国科学院 华南植物园 ): Guangzhou, China Corresponding author ...
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New Phytologist:甲基转移酶MET1介导拟南芥的不定芽再生
2017-10-2 12:28
DNA METHYLTRANSFERASE1 -mediated shoot regeneration is regulated by cytokinin-induced cell cycle in Arabidopsis First author: Hui Liu ; Affiliations: Shandong Agricultural University ( 山东农业大学 ): Shandong , China Corresponding author: Xian Sheng Zhang ( ...
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Nature Plants:植物细胞凋亡(Perspective)
2017-10-1 09:35
Reassessing apoptosis in plants First author: Martin Dickman ; Affiliations: Texas AM University ( 德克萨斯AM大学 ): Texas , USA Corresponding author: Martin Dickman ; Brett Williams ( 昆士兰科技大学 ) Cell death can be driven by a genetically ...
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Plant Cell:GWAS应用于拟南芥的代谢QTL定位
2017-9-30 08:40
Genome-wide Association Mapping Reveals that Specific and Pleiotropic Regulatory Mechanisms Fine-tune Central Metabolism and Growth in Arabidopsis First author: Corina M. Fusari ; Affiliations: Max Plank Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology ( 分子植物生理学马克斯普朗克研 ...
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Tree Physiology:PtoWOX5a参与杨树中不定根的发育
2017-9-29 08:32
The WUSCHEL-related homeobox 5a ( PtoWOX5a ) is involved in adventitious root development in poplar First author: Jianbo Li ; Affiliations: Chinese Academy of Forestry ( 中国林业科学研究院 ): Beijing, China Corresponding author: Mengzhu Lu ( 卢孟柱 ) Ad ...
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Plant Cell:木质部导管发育中支撑细胞壁模式建成的两个互补机制
2017-9-28 11:19
Two Complementary Mechanisms Underpin Cell Wall Patterning during Xylem Vessel Development First author: Rene Schneider ; Affiliations: University of Melbourne ( 墨尔本大学 ): Parkville, Australia Corresponding author: Staffan Persson The evolution of the pl ...
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