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Current Biology:长距离的膨压变化诱导植物谷氨酸类受体通道的局部激活
2023-3-3 21:41
Long-distance turgor pressure changes induce local activation of plant glutamate receptor-like channels ...
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The Plant Journal:类胡萝卜素合成与代谢参与拟南芥和番茄的有限开花调控
2023-3-2 22:32
Deregulation of ζ-carotene desaturase in Arabidopsis and tomato exposes a unique carotenoid-derived redundant regulation of floral meristem identity and function ...
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Plant Physiology:拟南芥MED17连接蔗糖和生长素信号转导,作用于根系统结构
2023-3-1 23:22
MEDIATOR SUBUNIT17 is required for transcriptional optimization of root system architecture in Arabidopsis ...
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Nature Biotechnology:转座子反向重复作用于玉米抗旱性和产量性状之间的平衡
2023-2-28 23:51
The role of transposon inverted repeats in balancing drought tolerance and yield-related traits in maize ...
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The Plant Cell:拟南芥OPT3作用于铜铁稳态及地上向地下的信号转导
2023-2-27 22:29
Loss of OPT3 function decreases phloem copper levels and impairs crosstalk between copper and iron homeostasis and shoot-to-root signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana ...
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Plant Physiology:猕猴桃AcePosF21通过促进抗坏血酸合成,增强低温耐受性
2023-2-24 23:57
Kiwifruit bZIP transcription factor AcePosF21 elicits ascorbic acid biosynthesis during cold stress ...
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Plant Physiology:ABA和SWEET9b促进苹果果实中的糖积累
2023-2-23 22:10
Abscisic Acid and Regulation of the Sugar Transporter Gene MdSWEET9b Promote Apple Sugar Accumulation ...
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The Plant Cell:香蕉绿熟的转录和翻译后分子调控机制
2023-2-22 22:34
Proteasomal degradation of MaMYB60 mediated by the E3 ligase MaBAH1 causes high temperature-induced repression of chlorophyll catabolism and green ripening in banana ...
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Current Biology:水生植物受淹水诱导的气孔发育抑制的分子生理基础
2023-2-21 23:40
Rewiring of hormones and light response pathways underlies the inhibition of stomatal development in an amphibious plant Rorippa aquatica underwater ...
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Annual Review of Plant Biology:顺式调控元件在植物发育、适应和演化中的作用
2023-2-20 22:01
cis -Regulatory Elements in Plant Development, Adaptation, and Evolution ...
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