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New Phytologist:线粒体交替NADH脱氢酶限制复氧胁迫时的ROS产生
2022-12-8 23:30
Mitochondrial alternative NADH dehydrogenases NDA1 and NDA2 promote survival of reoxygenation stress in Arabidopsis by safeguarding photosynthesis and limiting ROS generation ...
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The Plant Cell:非编码RNA HID1通过抑制ABA生物合成,促进phyB依赖性的种子萌发
2022-12-7 23:59
The noncoding RNA HIDDEN TREASURE 1 promotes phytochrome B-dependent seed germination by repressing abscisic acid biosynthesis ...
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The Plant Cell:不同漆酶组合作用于特定细胞类型和细胞壁层的木质素组成
2022-12-6 23:35
Different combinations of laccase paralogs nonredundantly control the amount and composition of lignin in specific cell types and cell wall layers in Arabidopsis ...
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2022-12-5 22:39
Mitochondrial GPAT-derived LPA controls auxin-dependent embryonic and postembryonic development ...
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The Plant Journal:辣椒CaSAP14作为CaSnRK2.6的底物,正调控ABA依赖性的渗透胁迫响应
2022-12-4 23:57
Pepper stress-associated protein 14 is a substrate of CaSnRK2.6 that positively modulates abscisic acid-dependent osmotic stress responses ...
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2022-12-2 23:12
Phosphoenolpyruvate reallocation links nitrogen fixation rates to root nodule energy state ...
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the plant journal:RAV1介导细胞分裂素信号转导,调控拟南芥主根生长
2022-12-1 23:47
RAV1 mediates cytokinin signalling for regulating primary root growth in Arabidopsis ...
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Nature Plants:全基因组关联分析解析现代育种对玉米根系结构的塑造
2022-11-30 23:26
Genome-wide dissection of changes in maize root system architecture during modern breeding ...
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The Plant Cell:胚乳细胞化失败诱导的脱水胁迫响应导致胚胎发育终止
2022-11-29 23:39
Endosperm cellularization failure induces a dehydration stress response leading to embryo arrest ...
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Science Advances:高温条件下水稻维持高产和高氮利用效率的分子调控机制
2022-11-28 22:03
High-temperature adaptation of an OsNRT2.3 allele is thermoregulated by small RNAs ...
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