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课题组最新论文被Managerial and Decision Economics期刊接受

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Dear authors (Prof. Lingyun He, Dr. Haowei Yu and Mr. Ruoyu Wang),

It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript entitled "Environmental Implications of Political Connections and State Ownership: Theory and Evidence from China" in its current form for publication in Managerial and Decision Economics.

First Look NEW: Please note although the manuscript is accepted the files will now be checked to ensure that everything is ready for publication, and you may be contacted if final versions of files for publication are required.

Your article cannot be published until you have signed the appropriate license agreement. Within the next few days you will receive an email from Wiley’s Author Services system which will ask you to log in and will present you with the appropriate licence for completion.

You will receive your typeset proofs in due course.

Thank you for your contribution.


Swarnima Tiwari

Managerial and Decision Economics

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