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科学网博客作者郭向云在《同是国外杂志, 撤稿标准却不同》提到的毕业博士刘某在Journal of Materials Chemistry ( JMC)私自发稿及"新语丝"上满思维揭发南京某大学访问学者将在国外实验室做的工作私自发表在Zoological Science上,后被撤稿。



我于20073-20083月在约克大学生物系Ottoline Leyser教授的实验室留学访问,现我将其合同主要内容提供如下,供国内的实验室老板参考。值得注意的是,下面的合同内容较为全面,包括工作过程中的健康和安全、保险、同等机会声明、保密、知识产权与其他合约、合同终止等条款,但这封合同为大学级别的格式合同,知识产权问题并没有具体规定,要与实验室老板另行约定。一般大家都有上述common sense,并不一定需要另行订立合同。但在国内实验室,还是约定详细比较好,因为有些人还真的没有上述常识。




Health and Safety at Work

You are required to observe all fire regulations, safety rules and instructions during the time you are working on University property and during fire evacuations or other emergencies you must comply with all reasonable requests and instructions made by responsible members of university staff. Prof ------ will provide you with essential Health and Safety information on commencement of your visit and you may seek further information from him/her or from Dr ------, Health & Safety Adviser


You are covered by the University’s Employers’ Liability Insurance Policy while undertaking work within the University of ----. Details may be found at http://-----/index.htm, but please note that the policy requires that individuals take all care and attention to safeguard property from loss or damage and that they comply with health and safety rules and regulations. [For overseas nationals: You should make your own arrangements for insurance cover for other matters such as health or travel].


Equal Opportunities Statement

The University is committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a policy of equal opportunities in employment. It aims to create the conditions in which its staff are treated equitably regardless of age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, creed, disability, staff category, sexual orientation, gender, marital or parental status, political belief or social or economic class, or any other criteria that cannot be shown to be properly justifiable.


We expect that visitors to the University will be accorded the respect embodied in our equal opportunities policy and will treat others in the same manner. The full policy as it applies to staff can be accessed at http://------/eop.htm.

During your visit you may come across confidential information concerning, for example, university staff, suppliers, collaborators or research subjects. Signature of this contract indicates agreement to not disclose any such information and any breach of that agreement would be treated as a most serious matter that may lead to termination of your visit.


Intellectual Property Rights and Other Agreements

Your host, Prof ------, will discuss and agree with you the arrangements for allocating any intellectual property rights which might arise out of work you undertake with him/her during the course of your visit. Please note also that you should not enter into any agreement on behalf of the University of ------ or use the name of the University without express permission to do so.

Termination of Agreement
It is expected that your visit to the University of ------ will prove a mutually beneficial arrangement. If problems do arise they should be discussed quickly and openly and there are a number of sources to which you may apply for help or advice (see below). However, if difficulties or disagreements of a serious or fundamental nature arise then you or your host Prof. ------ may terminate this agreement giving 4 week’s notice of intention to do so.   

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