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3.What Does ChatGPT Think about the Scientification of Yijing?

摘要:The debate surrounding the scientific interpretation of Yijing has been ongoing, yet thus far, a systematic, comprehensive, and objective explanation of its scientization remains elusive. The intricate nature of Yijing' scientific content makes it challenging to gain universal acceptance. The emergence of ChatGPT presents a new opportunity to delve into the scientific aspects of Yijing. Leveraging the support of ChatGPT, this paper explores the potential for scientization of Yijing and the possibility of establishing a new scientific research paradigm through in-depth dialogue with ChatGPT. It examines various aspects including the evolution of scientific paradigms, perspectives from detractors and opponents of Yijing, as well as existing challenges and approaches to its scientization. The ideas presented in this paper may offer enlightening insights for further exploration of Yijing.

4.One Kind Method for Constructing Knowledge Graph of Yijing

摘要:Due to the inclusion of both the principles and divination methods, the study of Yijing (Yijing) becomes more complex. The complex data types, diverse semantic relationships, and unclear influencing mechanisms in Yijing pose challenges to its scientific research. Knowledge graph, as an advanced way of organizing knowledge, can provide technical support in exploring the hidden connections and knowledge structure within text resources. This paper proposes a method of constructing a Yijing knowledge graph based on Neo4j. By analyzing the concepts, entities, and various related relationships in Yijing, the method discusses the basic architecture, data model, and implementation steps of constructing the Yijing knowledge graph. It also extracts, integrates, and structures the Yijing knowledge, allowing for inquiries, associations, and reasoning about the knowledge and its various elements. By adopting a top-down approach, the paper reconstructs the fundamental knowledge system of the Yijing, including yin-yang, the five elements, generation and restriction, 64 hexagrams, and six lines(yao). It establishes a knowledge graph pattern layer and a data layer that encompass concepts, attributes, and relationships. With the technical support of the Neo4j platform, the visualization and retrieval of Yijing knowledge are realized, providing new ideas and methods for studying the mechanisms of the Yijing. The proposed method of constructing a Yijing knowledge graph can be expanded to other types of ancient scripture knowledge graph research and can be applied to the field of digital humanities, promoting in-depth cross-disciplinary research and integration.


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