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国际著名板成形学者,美国Stuart P. Keeler博士简介

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Stuart P. Keeler, Sc.D.     

September 1, 1934 - May 14, 2019

      Stuart P. Keeler 博士,板成形极限图FLD理论(即著名的M-K理论,Marciniak-Keeler理论)的创建者之一,于2019年5月14日在密西根离世。下面是官方发布的Stuart P. Keeler生平介绍。

      Stuart P. Keeler博士的FLD理论,带领我们引入板成形技术科学领域,他的朋友和晚辈都给予了他很高的评价,其中包括大量华人学者,因为他对的科学贡献我们对他非常敬仰和缅怀。

     Stuart P. Keeler, Doctor of Science Degree in Mechanical Metallurgy. Stuart’s doctoral research on sheet metal forming limits led to his development of the Forming Limit Diagram, now used throughout the world to predict forming severity and tearing of sheet metal stampings. 

A two-year at the Detroit Army Tank Automotive Command as an Ordinance Corps First Lt. in the Metallurgical Research Section followed graduation. During his tour of duty, Stuart started taking his exams for Professional Engineer – Metallurgy in the state of Michigan. In 1965, he completed his mandatory experience period and passed his final exam. 

      The next 24 years were spent at National Steel Corporation – primarily as Manager of Automotive Research in Detroit. During his stay at National Steel, he pioneered bringing science to the press shop, creating circle grid analysis, thinning strain analysis, statistical deformation control (SDC), and many other press shop troubleshooting procedures. In the early 80’s Stuart conceived, created, and helped equip the National Steel Product Application Center in Livonia, Michigan, which became a benchmark for customer technical assistance by other steel companies. His last major project for National Steel was to research and write a state of the art book for the American Iron and Steel Institute entitled Automotive Sheet Metal Formability – Report AU89-1. 
       In March of 1987, Stuart joined the Budd Company Technical Center as Manager of Sheet Metal Technology. As a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive OEM’s, Stuart was responsible for all research, development, and technology transfer for sheet metal stampings and castings. His major accomplishment was the implementation of virtual sheet metal forming (computerized die tryout). Stuart also became trained in the Shalnin Problem Solving Process, after which he became The Budd Company corporate trainer. He then trained and coached 30 teams within the company divisions On 1 October 1999 he retired from The Budd Company as Manager of Technical Development to continue his sheet metal forming work as Keeler Technologies LLX. 

       It is of special interest to WorldAutoSteel members that Dr. Keeler served as a Technical Editor of the globally used Advanced High-Strength Steel Application Guidelines – Versions 1 through 6 (2004 – 2018).

      In recognition for his work in bringing science to the press shop, Dr. Keeler has been elected a Fellow in both the Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) and the American Society for Metals (FASM). ASM International also presented Stuart with the 1992 William Hunt Eisenman Award for his contributions to the practical application of science and materials engineering. He was elected to two-terms during 1968-1972 and on term during 1988 to 1990 to the presidency of the International Deep Drawing Research Group. Stuart also served in several positions within SAE – last as Editor for SAE Transactions for Materials and Manufacturing. 
      Dr. Keeler has conducted courses, seminars, and lectures throughout the world, including four lecture tours in Australia. He also taught a three-day semi-annual course in Sheet Metal Formability at the University of Wisconsin Continuing Education Center from 1984 to 1997. The Society of Automotive Engineers has recognized his speaking capability with their Distinguished Speaker Trophy. All of Stuart’s presentations – for the university or the press shop – are dynamic. Interactive, down to earth, and even entertaining. He also has a 50-year history of writing practical and understandable articles and papers read by persons in both steel mills and press shops. Given a choice, however, he will be found on the press shop floor.

      Contributions in memory of Dr. Keeler's life may be made to Leader Dogs for the Blind or Grosse Ile Animal Hospital.

      Memorial Service: Saturday, May 18, 2019, 2:00pm
      St Thomas Lutheran Church
      9393 Church Rd. 
      Grosse Ile, Michigan 48138  



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