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2018年新科数理统计学会会士(IMS Fellow)名单:包括2位香港教授

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国际数理统计学会Institute of Mathematical Statistics,简称:IMS,创立于1933年,是最权威的全球性统计与概率国际学术组织之一。 学会总部设在美国。 学会着重发展和推广统计与概率的理论及应用,现有来自世界各国的会员有4000多人。

IMS拥有高质量的学术期刊,其中包括Annals of Statistics(统计学年刊)、Annals of Probability(概率论年刊)、Statistical Science(统计科学)、Annals of Applied Probability(应用概率论年刊)和 Annals of Applied Statistics(应用统计学年刊)等。同时,IMS颁发若干荣誉奖项,比如Carvel Medal和Travel Award, 这些奖项受到了高度认可和重视。在经济全球化的大背景下,IMS 的影响力以及稳健成长的趋势给予了成员一个跨越文化和地域交流研究成果的平台。


We are pleased to announce the 2018 Fellows who have been elected for demonstrating distinction in research in statistics or probability. They are:

Alexander Aue, Professor, University of California, Davis: For significant contributions to time series, and structural break analysis; for dedicated professional service and mentoring.

Sourav Chatterjee, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Stanford University: For ground-breaking work on large deviations for random graphs, super-concentration and random matrices.

Ivan Corwin, Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University: For groundbreaking contributions in integrable probability, especially the theory of Macdonald processes, stochastic quantum integrable systems, and their connections with stochastic partial differential equations, random growth models, interacting particle systems, and the Kardar–Parisi–Zhang universality.

Christopher Field, Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Dalhousie University: For fundamental contributions to robust statistical methodology, saddlepoint approximation and bootstrap methods; for extensive and important efforts to bring robust statistical methods to scientific work in the life sciences, and for leadership in the field.

Peter Hoff, Professor of Statistical Science, Duke University: For sustained and important contributions to sparse, interval and spectral estimation, for applied work in the area of networks and for service to the IMS through editorial responsibilities.

Bing-Yi Jing, Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: For fundamental contributions to asymptotic theory, empirical likelihood, resampling, and financial econometrics; for outstanding professional service.

Geurt Jongbloed, Professor of Statistics, Delft University of Technology: For seminal contributions to shape-constrained statistical inference, as well as statistical inverse problems driven by applications.

Piotr Kokoszka, Professor, Colorado State University: For fundamental research in applied probability and mathematical statistics, especially on long range dependence and functional data analysis.

Steven Kou, Director of Risk Management Institute and Class ’62 Professor of Mathematics, National University of Singapore: For significant contributions to financial statistics and financial mathematics, including jump diffusion models, statistics with privacy preservation, first passage times, spatial statistics for asset pricing, non-additive probabilities for risk measures; and for conscientious editorial and service to the profession.

Antonio Lijoi, Professor of Statistics, Bocconi University, Italy: For deep and groundbreaking research in Bayesian Nonparametrics, dedicated students’ mentoring and service to profession.

Sayan Mukherjee, Professor, Duke University: For significant contributions to mathematical statistics, including kernel methodology, distributions on manifolds, and inference for dynamical systems, and for extensive work in computational biology and genomics.

Sofia Charlotta Olhede, Professor of Statistics, Honorary Professor of Computer Science, Director of UCL’s Centre for Data Science, UK: For seminal contributions to the theory and application of large and heterogeneous networks, random fields and point process, for advancing research in data science, and for service to the profession through editorial and committee work

Davy Paindaveine, Professor of Statistics, Université libre de Bruxelles: For outstanding contributions in non- and semiparametric inference, and extensive editorial activity.

Giovanni Peccati, Professor in Stochastic Analysis and Financial Mathematics, Luxembourg University: For influential and seminal contributions to the Malliavin calculus, especially to normal approximations and Stein’s method, and to stochastic analysis on Wiener and Poisson spaces.

Elvezio Ronchetti, Professor of Statistics, University of Geneva: For fundamental contributions to the development of robust statistical methods and saddlepoint approximations, and to their applications in fields of finance and econometrics; for exemplary leadership in the field.

David A. Schoenfeld, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Professor of Biostatistics, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health: For the development of widely used statistical methods and software for the design and analysis of clinical trials, particularly with survival outcomes and biomarkers; and for statistical leadership in clinical research in cancer, HIV, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and critical care.

Sunder Sethuraman, Professor of Mathematics, University of Arizona: For fundamental contributions to various aspects of interacting particle systems, martingale problems, and the theory of random graphs, especially to scaling limits and related topics.

Huixia Judy Wang, Professor of Statistics, The George Washington University: For fundamental and influential contributions to the theory and methodology of quantile regression, high dimensional inference and extreme value theory; for outstanding services to the community.

Aihua Xia, Professor, the University of Melbourne: For innovative and impactful contributions to stochastic approximations via new probabilistic arguments to obtain bounds required by Stein’s method.

Jianfeng Yao, Professor, The University of Hong Kong: For influential contribution to the inferential aspects of random matrix theory in the analysis of high-dimensional data

大陆高校毕业生当选国际数理统计学会IMS会士的名单 2018版

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