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Cell minireview: Long Noncoding RNAs Usher In a New Era in the Biology of Enhancers summary: Enhancer-associated long noncoding RNAs act over long distances and across chromosomes to activate transcription at distal promoters. Here, we address the latest advances made toward understand ...
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MC封面文章—— X Chromosome Dosage Compensation
2013-7-28 20:22
Epigenetic phenomenon of dosage compensation in Drosophila is mediated by the male-specific lethal (MSL) complex, which contains two large noncoding roX RNAs in Drosophila . How these RNAs interact with the MSL proteins remains poorly understood. In this study, Ilik et al. (156–173) ...
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最新piRNA review
2013-6-27 10:35
最新Nat Rev Genet: the epigenetic states imposed by PIWI on targets may actually drive piRNA production itself. These findings start to couple small RNA biogenesis with small - RNA -mediated epigenetics. C.elegans-Effects of PIWI pathways on chromatin. ...
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