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40年,对Cell来说不是一个终止而像一个新开始,对涉世未深的新科研人员来说则是一种对科研不懈探索的精神。Cell推出了40年纪念刊,我很喜欢这个题目:40 Years Young——40岁,尚年轻。enjoy~


1974 will be remembered for many things: the resignation of Richard Nixon, ABBA’s victory at the Eurovision song contest, or even perhaps the invention of the Rubik’s cube. It also witnessed the launch of an upstart in the publishing world whose aim was to provide a focal point and shared purpose among the rapidly expanding community of cell and molecular biologists. We’ll spend this year commemorating the 40th birthday of this newcomer and the science that has appeared in its pages since. Given the passage of time, one might expect the articles in the first issue of Cell, published four decades ago this month, to seem as distant as old news stories from the era. But flip (or more likely scroll) through its pages and you’ll experience something original, something familiar, and something enduring. We each have memories of a Cell paper that sent us immediately to the bench to order supplies for a new experiment or to tell a colleague “you’ve gotta read this!”—studies whose insights were so revelatory and beautiful as to inspire admiration and wonder.


Benjamin Lewin founded Cell as the journal of “exciting biology,” and exciting our readers will always be our core mission. For this reason, we wear as a badge of honor the responsibility that comes as this mission’s companion—to excite is to challenge and often to knowingly spark debate. The community of scientists that breathes life into our founding principles teaches us daily not to shy away from contention because it is only at the edge of uncertainty that the greatest discoveries are made. In looking to our next decade and beyond, we resolutely affirm that research primarily advances over the long term from ideas and concepts that recast or challenge current ways of thinking, matched in equal measure with vigorous scholarly debate and experimental innovation and rigor. In our roles as editors, we have the privilege and responsibility of engaging with researchers to test the limits and explore the ideas burgeoning in labs all over the world. These interactions energize us and each issue that we produce.

Though at 40, Cell may have shed the mantle of upstart, its founding vitality drives us still. We remain a young journal, in spirit and in attitude always.

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