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【paper story】NSR: 非传统同位素在环境健康中的应用展望

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Title: Natural stable isotopes: new tracers in environmental health studies

Author: Qian Liu, Holger Hintelmann*, Guibin Jiang*

Abstract: An important objective of modern environmental sciences is to elucidate the relationship between environmental pollution and human health. The development of adverse health effects is heavily influenced by extrinsic environmental factors. There is evidence that environmental factors may contribute >70%-90% to the development of most common cancer types, while only ~10%–30% are attributed to unavoidable intrinsic risks (e.g. random errors in DNA replication) [1]. However, research into environmental health is limited by a lack of proper analytical tools. It is still extremely difficult to screen health risks and trace the sources of pollutants in complex systems by conventional analytical methods that mainly rely on the concentration analysis of environmental samples.



应邀为NSR的Environmental pollution and health risk专刊撰写一个小综述(Research highlight)。NSR作为科学院主办的一个新晋全学科综述杂志,第一个IF就达到了8.00,当然我们在撰写的时候IF还没有公布,也没想到会有这么高。


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