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2021年8月27日晚 8:00(北京时间),大家期待已久的 iCANX Talks第66期即将重磅来袭,本期直播我们有幸邀请到清华大学的刘静教授来到iCANX Talks讲座系列,敬请期待!

The highly expected iCANX Talks Vol.66 will be ceremoniously holed at 8:00 pm of August 27 (Beijing time). This time, we are fortunate to invite5 Professor Jing Liu from Tsinghua Universityto the iCANX Talks lecture series. so stay tuned!

在前面65期iCANX Talks直播中,累计收看观众已经达到千万人次,受到了国内外专家学者的普遍好评和追捧,目前,iCANX Talks已经成为极具国际影响力的高科技云端学术峰会。

In the previous 65 weeks iCANX talks , it totally attracted close to 10 million audiences worldwide. iCANX has been highlighted by experts and audiences globally. Now, iCANX Talks already becomes a well-known and popular international high-tech online event.


Here comes the abstracts & Bios of today’s iCANX Talks!


Liquid Metal Science and Technology: From Fundamentals to Industrial Practices 


Jing Liu 刘静

Tsinghua University 清华大学



The room temperature liquid metals, alloys and their allied composite materials are a big class of newly emerging fundamental matters inherited with many fascinating properties and exciting application potentials. Particularly, their pretty easy transition/switch features between solid and liquid phases endorse such materials with tremendous functions and capabilities. Examples are rather diverse covering nearly all physical, chemical and engineering fields. In this talk, I will give an overview on the liquid metal R&D activities in my lab and discuss fundamental sciences lying behind. The major categories are as follows: From the thermal fluidic aspect, I will illustrate that the emergence of the liquid metal electronic cooling opens revolutionary way to break up the "thermal barrier" seriously challenging the world. While from the electrical engineering aspect, the inventions of the liquid metal printed electronics and room temperature 3D metal printing innovated the classical electronics and integrated circuit manufacturing rules. For the human health care, the proposition of the liquid metal biomaterials offered entirely new visions for tackling the current biomedical challenges. Along with these endeavors, a group of very fundamental discoveries on liquid metal basic phenomena inspired the new era of transformable liquid metal soft machines. All these endeavors incubated the milestone industrial progresses. For illustration, I will summarize the set up and practices of “The China Liquid Metal Valley” as well as the new industry involved. Finally, a perspective will be given on the future of this area. Overall, the rise of the liquid metal sciences is reshaping modern industry and expected to bring about better daily life in the coming time. What one needs to do in this day and age is just try to investigate, utilize and advance such powerful and magic materials.




 Jing Liu is a jointly appointed Professor of Tsinghua University (THU) and Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He received his double bachelor’s degrees (B.E. in Engineering & B.S. in Physics) in 1992, and Ph.D. (in Engineering and Biomedicine) in 1996, all from THU. Dr. Liu had ever been a Post Doctorial Research Associate at Purdue University and a Senior Visiting Scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He intensively works at the interdisciplinary areas among liquid metals, biomedical engineering and thermal science and is an author of 17 popular books on cutting edge frontiers and over 300 issued invention patents. More than his 40 researches on liquid metals were selected as journal cover or back cover stories. Dr. Liu pioneered a group of pivotal fundamental discoveries and technological breakthroughs on liquid metals covering liquid metal chip cooling, liquid metal printed electronics and 3D printing, liquid metal biomaterials and transformable liquid metal machines etc. which were frequently featured over the world. Many of his inventions have been widely adopted in industry and by the society. Also, Dr. Liu proposed and helped initiate the Liquid Metal Valley in China and the new industry involved. He is a recipient of numerous awards such as: The William Begell Medal (issued internationally to only an individual every four years), 2015 R&D 100 Awards Finalist, 2010-2011 Best Paper of the Year Award from ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging, CCTV 2015 Top Ten Figures in Science and Technological Innovation and ten times highest teaching awards from CAS and THU etc. 

刘静,清华大学医学院生物医学工程系教授/中国科学院理化技术研究所双聘研究员。清华大学工学士/理学士、工学博士。长期从事液态金属、生物医学工程与工程热物理等领域交叉科学问题研究并作出系列开创性贡献。发现液态金属诸多全新科学现象、基础效应和变革性应用途径,开辟了液态金属在芯片冷却、印刷电子与室温3D金属打印、生物医疗以及柔性机器人等领域突破性应用,提出并推动了中国液态金属谷以及液态金属全新工业的创建和发展;已获授权发明专利300余项,研发的众多液态金属应用系统、高端肿瘤治疗装备及系列无线移动医疗仪器等得到广泛应用。他出版有17部跨学科前沿著作,推动了新兴学科领域的繁荣、人才培养和技术的普及应用,其液态金属研究有40余篇论文入选所在期刊封面或封底故事,成果在世界范围被广泛报道。他是2003年国家杰出青年科学基金获得者;曾获每4年颁发一次的国际传热界最高奖之一“威廉∙伯格奖”、全国首届创新争先奖、入围及入选“两院院士评选中国十大科技进展新闻”各1次,入选CCTV 2015年度十大科技创新人物,ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging 年度唯一最佳论文奖,入围R&D 100 Awards Finalists等。




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