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[转载]30 Free Courses: Neural Networks, Machine Learning, AI

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The list below is a small selection from Open Culture. We picked up classes relevant to data scientists, and removed links that no longer work at the time of writing. If you know of any other interesting courses, email me and we will include them if they are relevant.

The 78-video playlist above comes from a course called Neural Networks for Machine Learning, taught by Geoffrey Hinton, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto. The videos were created for a larger course taught on Coursera, which gets re-offered on a fairly regularly basis.

Neural Networks for Machine Learning will teach you about “artificial neural networks and how they’re being used for machine learning, as applied to speech and object recognition, image segmentation, modeling language and human motion, etc.” The courses emphasizes ” both the basic algorithms and the practical tricks needed to get them to work well.” It’s geared for an intermediate level learner – comfortable with calculus and with experience programming (Python).

You can find the video playlist on YouTube. For more free courses about computer science, click here. Below is a small selection.

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