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1. Chengzhen Wei, Cheng Cheng, Junhong Zhao, Zhangtao Wang, Tingting Cui, Haipeng Wu,

Kaiyue Gu, Shasha Zheng, and Huan Pang*,

Mesoporous ZnS,NiS nanocomposites for nonenzymatic glucose electrochemical sensors,

 ChemistryOpen, 2014, Accepted.
Mesoporous ZnS-NiS composites are prepared using ZnS as the precursor via ion-exchange reactions. More importantly, we successfully explore the application of the mesoporous ZnS-NiS composites in non-enzymatic glucose sensors. Electrochemical sensors based on mesoporous ZnS-NiS composites exhibit high selectivity, low detection limit (0.125 μM) toward the oxidation of glucose, which is mainly attributed to the morphological characteristics of mesoporous structure with high specific surface areas and a rational composition of the two constituents. These results suggest that such mesoporous ZnS-NiS composites are promising materials for non-enzymatic glucose sensors.


2. Yi-Zhou Zhang, Yang Wang, Ye-Lei Xie, Tao Cheng, Wen-Yong Lai*, Huan Pang*, and Wei Huang*

Porous hollow Co3O4 with rhombic dodecahedral structures for high-performance supercapacitors

Nanoscale, 2014, Accepted (与南京邮电大学合作的研究工作)

Porous hollow Co3O4 with rhombic dodecahedral structures were prepared by the calcination of ZIF-67 ([Co(mim)2; mim = 2 methylimidazolate]) rhombic dodecahedral microcrystals.

A supercapacitor was successfully constructed by adopting the resulting porous hollow Co3O4 rhombic

dodecahedral structure as the electrode material, which showed a large specific capacitance of

1100 F g-1 and retained more than 95.1% of the specific capacitance after 6000 continuous charge–discharge cycles. The excellent capacitive properties and stability mark the porous hollow Co3O4 

with rhombic dodecahedral structure as one of the most promising electrode materials for high-performance supercapacitors.



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